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    I feel so terrible today. I don't know if it's the crazy weather, very damp and rainy, or an FM flare, or what. Just feel weak, my legs especially, and achy all over. Yesterday I had to spend the entire day at the ball fields for my daughter's softball tournament. Today, I'm feeling it everywhere! I managed to get a little bit of cleaning done this morning, and am now just sitting on the couch. My husband came in and acted like I had no right to just be doing nothing! So, that's why I had to get on here for some support. I snapped at him and told him I wasn't feeling all that great. That shut him up about it. And, I managed to get into an infectious disease doctor a week earlier than my original appt to get a second opinion on my Lyme test results. I go May 8, now. I wish I could get in tomorrow. I don't want to have Lyme or any of the coinfections, but then I think if I do have it and take antibiotics, it will make me feel better???!! I don't know what to think anymore. Too confusing. Thanks for listening.
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    BIG HUG for you.

    Damp rainy and snowy=big ouch Was it rainy at ballgame? I always get worse the day before storm hits. All day at game wow and cleaning too. No wonder you dont feel well. Sorry I have too LOL at telling hubby to shut up! good for you wish I told more people that!

    Let us know what happens with doc. Ive read infectious doc not big help with Lyme. Have you shouted out to Nanie46? Im trying to find a lyme doc and she knows how to help. Have thought going to infec doc tho.

    better day tm
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    I just want you to know there are people that care about you and your feelings. Hang in there and know there are others that ache, hurt and feel the way you do. It is awful on us for others just not to realize how we feel. I know.
    Let us know about your doc visit
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    for your support. Yes, Nanie has been much help. I don't know what doctor to go to around here for this lyme stuff. I wanted to go to someone local in case i have to keep going back. I'll see what her opinion is about my lyme test, and then go from there, i guess. I still feel awful this morning. I should have called in sick to work, but have to go to a training workshop this morning. At least I'll just have to sit around. Hopefully I won't fall asleep!
    Yes, parts of the ballgame were rainy. The weather here is supposed to straighten out Wednesday, with temps of 80. It's supposed to stay that way through this weekend, so hopefully that will make me feel better. If it doesn't, I don't know what the heck is wrong with me. I haven't felt this run down for this many days in a row ever!
    oops, time to go!
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    I know how you feel, even though I have CFS not fibro. Other people who are not in our shoes don't get it. I'm so sorry that one of those people happens to be your husband! When I first got sick all I wanted was to have a definitive diagnosis and I recall wishing it was lyme because that would give me something to hold onto and hope that I could be treated. The hardest part is not knowing how long your illness will last or if the docs can do anything.
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    Well, today it's already 70 degrees, and it's only 7:40 AM! I love it! Was able to sleep with the windows open, it felt so good! And, it's supposed to be sunny and 85 degrees! So, I am feeling gradually better as the weather straightens up. I'm still waiting for my bloodwork on cbc and iron, and vit d. I should get the results today on those, hopefully. Want to see if the iron tablets I've been taking brought it up any. My appt with infectious disease doctor is still not until May 8, but that is fast approaching, thank goodness. Hopefully she'll be a well informed doctor and can let me know something.
    TGIF All!!!! Enjoy your weekends wherever you all are!!!!!!! I will be enjoying sunshine, and hopefully no pain will hold me back!! I WILL NOT LET IT!!!!