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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ozgran, Mar 18, 2003.

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    Have been battling a nasty bug which has put me in bed most of the time since last week. Developed a nasty cough and much phlem. Hubby went to chemist for me to get a cough mixture suited to a diabetic. Was not supposed to be good for people with BP probs or on anti-dpressants. Chemist said however taken for a few days would not hurt. What has intrigued me is looking at the bottle again just now I discovered the heaviest concentration is of Guai. Anyone else notice that in cough mixtures before? I would not have taken any notice had I not been a part of this board. The phlem etc is certainly better, but maybe thats why I have a herx effect??? I don't know really. Am not up with these things yet.Just found it interesting. Love Ozgran.
  2. jeanderek

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    That is what it was orginally for, a cough experterant (sp) You can find it in Robotussin but not in high doses like fibro patients take in the pill form.

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    Is an off-label use of this medication as it was primarily developed to thin mucus. Guai is the main active ingredient in many cough medications.

    Love, Mikie