Just Opened My SSDI Letter

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JP, Sep 16, 2003.

  1. JP

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    to discover that I have been approved. It took about 4 months to the day. This was my first try without help. I was approved due to chronic persistant pain, anxiety and depression. I am in shock as I am 43 with a high level education and a strong desire to work in the world. I never thought I would ever be on disability. It was the fibro fog that pushed me into being disabled.

    Thanks for all of your support over the months. This has been a difficult ride and I am grateful that it was a 4 month ride and not the horror stories I keep hearing...Jan
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  3. baybe

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    You are giving me incentive to look into it. I never thought I would be able to receive disability, so you make it real for me.
    As far as imagining my self on disability, I really needed to look at my own inability to ask for help. I'm the first one to think every person deserves a break and as much back up as we can give each other, but somehow I didn't include myself. We pay into disability insurance all our lives, we pay taxes, and Social Security Benefits, somehow the government pulled off a great mind game. They have us believing in paying this money for good reasons and I for one have always been pro-tax and sharing the wealth. Then somehow on the other end they have us feeling guilty about taking advantage of an opportunity that we have payed into and for many Americans without complaint. So I say hurray to anyone who if disabled is able to make use of the Program we all chipped into, it is an Insurance not a charity and we should be using it if needed, what better resource for the Government is the American People. I find the fact that we have a fund for our citizens to get back on their feet or just maintain a simple life one of the neatest things we do.
    One of the signs that we Americans think of Compassion as an intregral part of how we live, so much so that it is actually part of our Political structure.
    I'm glad you are getting help without being asked to give up your dignity, maybe they will start helping more of us without putting our spirits through so many demeaning hoops.
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    I'm so glad it wasn't too long of a fight for you! Mine also wasn't bad - 6 months & I did it on my own too. I was also in shock since I'm only 37 with a strong education & work history.

    It must be a relief for you to be able to put that aside now and just focus any energy that you have on taking care of yourself.

    Let's just hope that each time they approve one of us, it will make it easier for the next person who has to apply. It definitely helps to educate the people who make the decisions on how debilitating these illnesses can be.

    I'm so happy to hear your good news!

    take care,
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    thats great!!! you are very lucky!!!! It took many of us a long battle~ Good for you Jan!! :)
  6. lin21

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    Congratulations JP!!!

    Keep your fingers crossed for me, I'm going through reconsideration at this point , I have been waiting since last January. I am 44 and have been out of work since last July.
    Good luck!!!
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    I'm sure a great relief was brought to you in the letter. Only four months, that is great. It took me just a little over a year, with a lawyer.

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    Like JP and Pamj, I'm 41, educated, and have a strong work history. I also have chronic persistant pain, anxiety and depression. I was approved on the first try. I was afraid because of my background that I would not be approved.
    I believe it was the documentation from my medical doctor, from my psychiatrist, and from work that may have been key to getting approved. Ofcourse it may have been a touch of luck too ;-)
    Its hard to hear so many stories of being denied. Its wonderful to hear that someone has been approved!
    :) Max
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    This is wonderful and gives me some hope too. I have waited over four months to hear anything for my reconsideration. It is usually about 2 and a half three months so I am praying that with the long wait this time it is for an approval.
    Again, congrats, i am very happy for you.
  10. franners

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    My SSDI was disapproved because "resources worth more than $4500." I am still fighting for my LTD and SSD.
    Congrats Jan hope you celebrate!! This is an accomplishment!!
  11. Carlacat

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    So glad for you..I started the SSDI nightmare in Oct 2002..had one court date but now I have to have a full mental evaluation done then another court date will be made. I really think it all depends in the state you live in.
  12. scrapkat

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    That's wonderful news! Your post has given me hope on my own disability papers that have been filed. Supposedly I will hear in October sometime. This is my first try also and like you I've always been a gogetter, hard working person. I'm also 43 and never thought this is where I'd be today. Great news for you and everyone with this DD!

  13. Sunshyne1027

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    I am soo happy for you that you got approved, and so easily. How did that happen? I read so many stories on how hard it is. I been keeping docs records, vocational rehab stuff on files. I will most likely one day too go on disability. I know.. Hard to cope with and accept that this DD causes a disability, etc..

    I do not have enough work credits to go on disability. My spouse makes too much a month on WC to recieve any help supposedly. But if we were to divorce/seperate then I could get help. Or they told me that if I work for five years bringing in at the least five thousand a year, then I would be eligible.

    So in the meantime, I keep that all in mind. I also am going to be starting a part time job soon through VR. They evaluate my disabilites while working the first few weeks. And accomodations have been set for me.

    Glad it worked out for you!! Congrats!
  14. JP

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    of your support! I may not have applied if I were not part of this community. I may have tried to work, making myself worse and failing over and over. I am taking a moment to address each of you individually. This is no small thing. I will now be able to use the energy I do have to work toward healing and improving the quality of my life to the best of my ability.

    Kimkane...I live in California. I have no idea if some states have different rules. My best to you...

    baybe...do look into SSDI. Your story is soooo familiar. I tend to give and have a hard time asking for help

    Pam...Yes, these approvals should make it easier as time goes on. They didn't even mention my FMS however. It seems that we have better luck by focusing on other conditions and the accumulation of symptoms.

    Tandy...I am sorry that you had such a long battle and am happy to hear that you won!!

    linzi...I hope you hear soon and are approved during this reconsideration. It is stressful to go through this and I only had to do it for 4 months...crazy stuff!

    Dara...I am glad you are receiving SSDI as well. A year and a lawyer is too long!!

    Max...Your story is just like mine. It's good to see that most of us are getting SSDI one way or another.

    Joannie...let's KNOW that you will be approved during this reconsideration. I hope you hear some good news really soon.

    Franners...Keep fighting. It seems pretty strange to be rejected for $4500.00. I own a home and other assets. Something is wrong about your case...keep fighting, knowing you will win.

    Carlacat...I hope your next court date is soon and is your last court date because you win. I have family in West Virginia...never met them or visited WV. My Mom was born there.

    scrapkat...hope is on the way. I would keep calling, take note of when you called and who you spoke with...I think it helped me to do that. I was not a pest and I called and wrote down what was said. I hope you are approved soon.

    sunshyne1027...I hope you and your spouse are okay financially. SSD has lots of rules.

    Thanks to all who responded to my post. It makes such a difference in my life...much love, Jan
  15. urge2soar

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    Wonderful to hear that you were able to jump through their hoops and receive benefits in only four months!!

    I posted on receiving benefits if you are self-employed and received many suggestions. One was confusing, in that it said you had to be at poverty level for payment to be received. It must be in another state. I am also in California.

    Taking your advice in keeping good notes.

  16. fibrotigger

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    I'm so very happy for you. Four months! That's incredible. I received my acceptance letter back in 1999 after a year with a lawyer. It's encouraging to hear that people are getting it much sooner and seemingly much easier. That is wonderful.

    I could relate to so many people on this. I was a workaholic big time back in the "day". It was so hard on my self-esteem when I could no longer work and was not contributing to our household. Luckily, I have a very supportive DH and we hung in there, barely, until it was approved. But then I was able to use the "settlement" to pay off all the credit cards we had lived on for a year. What a relief. And what a relief to not have to worry about where and when the money is going to come in. You're right, now you can concentrate on taking care of you!

    I'm very happy for you.

    Gentle hugs,
  17. jmaxjmax

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    Just wanted to post that I got approved in New York State. I wish everyone that needs it would get approved. I know how awful it is to not know how one will get by when its hard to even get out of bed at times.
    :) Max
  18. mzroper

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    Add my congratulations on getting the help you deserve. I was hurt at work and had to go through the workmans comp nightmare first. That lasted three years. The result was a settlement because they had starved me out. Nearly lost my home etc. I was then found to be 100% disabled by the ALJ but could not collect anything because my husband earned $26,000.00 a year??. I did not have enough credit years so I get a check (now that I am single), of only $552.00 a MONTH to attempt to survive on. I was told to my face that this is welefare by people at Family Independant Agency. I qualify for a whopping $62.00 a month food stamps. I can tell you it is not easy to keep going on this "hand out". I sure hope others get more help with living expenses than I have. It is only by the grace of GOD that I do survive. The constant worry about paying bills and upkeep on my home and car keeps me depressed. Best of luck. mz
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    it took me 6 yrs. to finally win my case.I have multiple things wrong.But basically it all came down to chronic non-stop pain.I may be legally disabled and get SSI now,but theymade a mistake on my last work date and now I am still iin a battle for SSD.This is BULL!