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    1. How many Type A Overachiever/Perfectionists are out there?

    (I'm raising my hand--+ I'm a first born)

    2. How many of you feel/sense others emotions? Do you think this is real? It was touched on in Starlanyl's book... the EMS sensitivity thing... I have always thought I could *feel* people like that & I have to be very, very careful not to let that get tied up with my own sense of self... but then for a long time convinced myself that this was (oh, part of cognitive behavioral therapy right?) FALSE thinking... only now I read this and think...

    I really DO think I can... NOT "read" people's minds... no. But like, my husband will INSIST there is NOTHING wrong & I KNOW there is. I try to remind myself that it's probably something from work or whatever that he doesn't want to talk about... because MOST of the time I assume it's something *I* did & that sends me in a fast downward spiral... but anyway. It was kind of interesting/nice to read that this IS a phenomenon noted among those w/ FMS. Because I swear... I really DO FEEL his (& others) emotion coming off him in "waves." I just need to remind myself that I don't always know/understand the source exactly, or the reason...


    Just wondering if anyone else out there experiences this & how many of us are those Type A's... :)

    I felt pretty good this weekend and I overdid it in a BAD BAD way. I'm paying for it today & I have to go to work... ugh. :) Ah well, tomorrow is a day off. :)

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    that if all the other sensitivities are heightened with this illness, your emotional feeler might be too!?!?

    My D is a perfectionist.
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    Not only perfectionist, but only child perfectionist!

    As for the being sensitive to others emotions, I don't know if it is heightened awareness due to the DD or what. Whatever it is, I consider myself very intuitive -- I'm constantly telling people things that don't become truly obvious to them for at least a couple of years. And the sort-of-reverse...I'm the person people 'tell' things to without being asked. I've had to guard against that lately -- I can't really take on much more these days, especially others' problems. But because I'm more aware of it happening, I am trying to take steps to avoid being sucked dry by it.

    I was thinking as I was reading your post, I'm so used to 'feeling' others people's emotions/thoughts, that it is only startling to me when I don't 'get' anything. Not sure if I can quite describe it...there have only been a couple times when I've met a person who is so closed, that I get a complete blank on them. And it was such a unique experience that I sat up and took notice of it. Not even a brick wall, just a...VOID. Weird.

    Somewhere I read about intuition, we are all wired differently. Metaphorically, our TV sets all look alike. But this one gets only local channels, this one has cable, this one has satellite. I guess some of us operate on a very subtle level for the 'clues' we take in to come to conclusions.