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    I was reading the posts and amazed how there has been so much growth since I "found" you errrr 4 yrs in Sept.

    To any newbie....mitigate your losses. I didn't and now am in a powerchair! Sleep with pressurized breathing 02/CPAP & CHAD....

    Right now I'm super nauseous...noted someone on here said they wondered why that was? I don't know but I hope someone finds out. Well, I'm off to Animal Crossing! CactusLil'
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    As more and more I become a "shut-end" the more important it is for me to find internet friends.

    I do have a 90 ChevySportsvan w/a factory lift, a gift as the result of a local family whose son took violin from my father (fiddle)...It must have been rolled as no door except the drivers closes reliably; however all the rest is well and I hope William and I can go on an excursion or tww while he is still young (11) enough to want to do so.

    Medicaid here in TX has hit the skids! I have a plan for the disabled who are indigent ie. make less than I think 16K for two but the benefits go up and down month per month; and the medical suppliers are on the take; I switched from my O2 provider, who was from out of town to a locale and now Medicaid is unwilling to provide payment for comparable equipment. No place like Texas if you want to get raped medically speaking!

    Waiting for a call from DHS. You have to re-certify for food stamps here every 3 months! Even on SSI, which technically should go through social security! Then I'm off to Gonzales to purchase liability....I could get that ins,. and as far as I'm concerned, load my dogs, computer in the van and it would be 'asta la bueno or something like that'! Lil'
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    Robert Johnson sang of the Hell Hounds on his trail; well the chronically disabled have hell hounds on our tails. There are several different aspects to the "money saving methods" to bring down the tax burden and two are very serious.

    One that was being debated week before last (C-Span) was over home care vs. nursing homes. Some yo-yo was trying to say that those of us taking certain pain relieving meds et al. should be "cared for" in a "care facility" rather than at home...some by family, others by a home health whatever.

    As for me....well, a doc I went to see when I was first diagnosed with osteo/FMS/MFS (my clinical dep.anxiety disorders predate the other) was a doc blunt to a fault! He was downright mean. Well I had been on Pred 10mg. a couple of years and he zapped that without a tapering and my daughter and I had been in office just that afternoon as I couldn't keep my eyes open et al.

    Well, when he asked about pain and I gave him whatever # I thought I was; he said horse @#$%~ and don't ever tell HIM I hurt like that unless my legs were underneath the steel of a train!! My daughter gasp out loud and leapt to her feet and about blew her lid....well, he concluded with this scenerio....he said...one of these days when DHS calls all medicaid and medicare receiptients to the routine dog and pony show....we will compliantly walk in and a door will shut. Then we will sense we are moving....then you will figure out the rest.

    Well, after landing in the hospital for 3-days due to adrenal insufficiency, he was eloquently discharged by my daughter; however, alot of what he was saying, now 7 years later, have borne out. He told me never to go to one of the dog and pony shows but insist on a telephone interview.

    I have done so for seven years!

    He was a gruff old medicine man but after progressing into the pain of spinal stenosis w/nerve entrapment and DDD, I understand what he was saying. As for steroids I continued a total of 6-years then came down with Cushings Syndrome; I have been steroid free for 9 months! I have lost 70 pounds; all fluid and still have 3+ edema.

    Well, good for me, right!!~~I also went 14 mos. without medical care as my disability SSDIB went to Va. and I was by then broke....within a year I won SSI. Just recently I received my official notice from VA. that my case was being closed. My atty wanted to take it further in Civil Court and I told her I was just too tired.

    I am ready to mitigate my losses. Learn to do within the framwork of the powerchair, go to bed to prevent flares and try to keep the depression at arms length. Love CactusLil'