Just prescribed thyroid 25 mcg for the 1st time-how does it make you feel?

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by saffy56, Mar 18, 2010.

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    My doc just prescribed it and I am scared to take it for the first time because I don't want to feel really tired, or super anxious and hyperactive. If anyone could give me a head's up I would appreciate it so much. He put me on the half dose so it must have some kind of side effects. Thanks

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    There is a good THYROID BOARD here that you may want to try. Lots of info.

    I'm on .175 mcg of Synthroid. You didn't say the name of the thyroid medication. If you want to, break it in half to start if you are worried. But not taking your med doesn't help you.

    When I first went on Synthroid, I was put on a small dose then slowly worked up. I had hypothyroidism and a goiter (we were getting iodine in our salt, eating shellfish, etc.) and Synthroid alone slowly reduced the goiter until it disappeared.

    After the goiter was gone, we continued blood testing and then we regulated the Synthroid dosage until we finally had it stabilized to what I would need. I make the T3 AND T4, so Synthroid is excellent for me, but not everyone makes T3 and T4. So Synthroid is not for everyone.

    Throughout the years when I moved to various parts of the U.S, different altitudes and climates., the dosage would change then stabilize.

    Good luck and hugs.
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