Just read a description of a TIA and have had a symptom

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    From what I gathered, a TIA is a mini-stroke?? One that could go unnoticed and you would never know?

    I can remember sitting quietly, watching tv, when all of a sudden it seemed that I would lose vision in my right eye. I would blink several times to trying to focus, and w/n less than a minute it would return just about to normal again.

    At the time this was happening, I was under extreme stress, having to leave my job due to panic attacks, (panic disorder) depression, and I was also dx'd with fibromyalgia.

    I know that stress can do so many weird things to your mind and body, and I think I even mentioned this to my doctor. He looked into my eyes and didn't comment of anything wrong.

    It's been a long, long time since this has happened to me and I am also on BP med.

    Does this sound like a stress reaction or am I getting carried away here? People w/anxiety tend to believe that they are dying of everything.

    Thanks for reading. Be well, robsgal.
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    When I read your story it sounded like I had written it myself. I have FMS and hypertension among other things. When I was forty-two I had the same visual disturbances that you expressed. My doctor thought that I had MS and sent me for an MRI. It turned out to be negative. Later we found that those symptoms appeared just before a migraine came on. This year I was having trouble keeping my balance and my memory was very spotty. So much trouble remembering words or anything. My nurse practitioner is an angel. She sent me to a neurologist who ordered many blood tests and another MRI of my head. The result was that I had had a "mini-stroke" at sometime in the past and it had healed over. They added another bloodpressure medication to be taken at night. I already had one for morning. I had been confusing my symptoms, as had my doctor, as FMS. When the blood tests came back it revealed that I had an elevated CRP which is indicative of inflammed vessels of the heart. Now I am to go and have a thallium treadmill, the medicinal kind, because I cannot walk a treadmill. I am so tired and in pain that I cannot do very much at all right now. Of course this leads to anxiety, wondering what they will do to me to "fix" this. It will also lead to more medicine. My shelf in the kitchen looks like a mini-pharmacy now! The rheumy did x-rays and found arthritis everywhere the x-rays were done. I had an automobile accident back in the seventies, sustaining a concussion. This threw the FMS into high gear and it seems that I have less function about every ten years. I am not able to do very much exercise right now, due to my heart problem. If you think that you should be examined further for this problem, ask your physician about it. My symptoms were written up asloss of balance, dizziness, headache. I certainly was shocked to learn that I had had a TIA and did not know when! I wish you luck with your symptoms but do not attribute everything to FMS or "an all in your head" approach that many doctors take when we complain. Sometimes it really IS all in your head and can lead to many more problems later on. I will have to be careful to keep my bloodpressure under control and who knows what they will do about the heart vessel inflammation. Those tests will be done in about two weeks. I would love to correspond with you. Wish you luck with your problem. Whtdv7@aol.com
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    Wow. I wrote this and I'm kinda taken off guard that someone replied, and thankful for the heads up. It seem that we both suffer with the same issues, FM, HBP, Anxiety w/Panic Attacks.

    Have you looked online for any info on what is involved in you inflammed vessels? I have mitral valve prolapse, and I'm not sure how this plays a part in my loss of sight issue.

    I want to thank you so much for all the info. Very interesting and I've always said that you are responsible to an extent for your health problems being taken seriously.

    Incidently, when I was very much younger and was in the party scene, I went to a party and drank myself silly. Way too much and when I laid in bed that night, it was like a shade had been pulled down over my eyes, half way, like a window shade pulled half way down. This was a weird experience and I never mentioned this to anyone. I am not a drinker and haven't been for alot of years now. When these last episodes hit me, I have been quit. I do smoke and I'm sure this may play an important part in it.

    I can imagine that you are in a panic, and yes, I would love to keep in touch see how things are going for you.

    So glad you answered my post.

    Hugs, robsgal

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    Hi Robsgal:

    Have not seen a post from you to the board in a very long time; wondering how you are. Went through 35 pages and just gave up and went to the bio part and found when I had made my last post. Hope things are going well for you and that you are finding a lot of good information to be used here. When I see how many people have responded I am kind of overwhelmed by the activity, but that makes it very interesting. I am learning a lot of things too that people have tried and what they think helped or didn't. The research on FMS seems to be getting more convincing of what I have thought for a very long time. That it is a combination of latent viruses, fungal infections and bacterial infections that we acquire when something triggers our immune systems to go awry. The studies coming from Great Britain and Germany seem most interesting to me presently. Let me hear from you. B-Lou-2
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    B-Lou-2, I am soooo glad you responded again to my post. From the first post, you added an email addy and I emailed you, but apparently you did not get it. I have been wondering about you also. With the weather being like it has here w/temps in the single digits and snow or rain about every 4 to 5 days (very unusual winter) I have had quite a few down days. :-( You seem to be keeping up on the latest views on FMS. I try to as much as possible, but when I finish the things around here that have to be done, I'm usually done for the day myself..lol. As a matter of fact, I over did it yesterday and I was down most of the day..even the bottom of my feet ached. That sounds very interesting what you wrote about a bacterial virus and the immune system. Where do you get some of your info?
    Well, it was so good to hear back from you again, and I'm sorry you didn't get my email. I will try again...ok?
    You take good care of yourself now and I hope to talk to you again very soon.

    Hugs, Robsgal

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    Hi Robsgal!

    It's great to hear from you too. We live in a fairly temperate area but have have quite a few snow days this year. Everything seems to hurt more when you are cold.

    Most of the information that I get is gathered from several sources. One of the best is this site under the www.immunesupport.com area. It has thousands of articles. When Dr. Cheney first began his work in this area I followed it because I felt that I had too many of those symptoms for it not to be FMS or CFIDS. He had two partners,Goldstein and Elaine DeFreitas. Oddly enough, Dr. DeFreitas contracted FMS and later died at a fairly young age. I feel that handling the live virus in the blood samples that they had mailed to them to check for identifying markers was in some way responsible. Cheney is outrageouly expensive and I can live much cheaper with the disease than without it, although I do have days that jumping from a very tall bridge seems like a good idea. I visited a lady who has/had? (I don't know what happened to her) CFIDS and she was in the most pitiful condition. We had to agree beforehand not to wear perfumed soap, no hairspray, no deodorant, no chemicals or makeups, nothing that would bother her MCS. She had been a CPA in a city near us and they lived in an affluent area. The disease had bankrupted her, she was on disability, no family support, her husband was leaving her because she could no longer keep up with him. Her children thought it was "all in her head". She could not lift her arms to comb her hair that day nor was she able to cook for herself that day. She explained as much as she knew about the disease but for all practical purposes it had destroyed her and her life. I meet the criteria for both diseases. I say diseases, although some beg to differ but the government classified FM as a disease in '98. Still there is no where near enough research monies allocated to study it more and it never gets good press. Part of the reason that it doesn't is that it doesn't show on the outside. You may be able to do your makeup, hair and dress for the day and have to lie down before you can finish. They never get to see the days you have spent in your nightgown because it was too labor-intensive to pull it off and put on more, lol. I thank God they can't see all those days. It really does such a number on your ability to sleep, totally expasperating. The interstitial cystitis is not a lot of fun either, neither is the irritable bowel, the medication reactions, etc, ad nauseum ad infinitum. I got an enviable report on my lipid panel and my heart was okay, why do I still feel so darned lousy?! Even with all this, we do not confine ourselves to home. We go out, laugh a lot with our friends and everytime I am up to it we do something that is fun. Then the next day or the one after that I lie down with the BMW disease for about three days. (Bitch, moan and whine.) I will never let it take my sense of humor. It already has most of the rest of me, darn it!!! If you are new to this DD, then don't let this keep you from having a good life. It will just have to be altered to fit a new plan. I hope that I have not told you too much or anything that would bring fear into your life. Get the name of a good Rheumy, one who truly understands and wants to treat FM patients and then get a referral to a reputable Pain Relief Center near you to help on the days when you have been run over by a Mack truck. Neither of these things are cheap, it takes a good insurance policy and as soon as you can get documented proof of the times you have gone to the doctor for FM pains (You are entitled to ask for copies of what is put on your chart) then take those to a good lawyer who deals with chronic pain cases with success. The atty will charge a 25% fee to plead your case but it is usually more quickly successful this way. There is a quota in a lot of states of how many cases of FMS they will approve per year. Plus that you have to have been out of work for a year or more before you can apply. All of these things can be found here on the message board when you have time to read a little. Oh, BTW, I meant to tell you to look up Dr. Devin Starlanyl's books either at the library or a bookstore, they are great. Dr. I. Jon Russell has some good work too, as does Dr. Mark Pellegrino, he has had FM since he was a child. That's more than enough for a start. I wish you the best and send you a gentle hug. I am whipped for the day, too. Chin up, B-Lou-2
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    Hello lady. I was so afraid that I wasn't posting properly and that my reply was not going to you, so I am happy to hear from you. :)

    Wow, you have really done your homework, and thanks for sharing w/me. I will have to check out this site more and see all it has to offer.

    I've just been through a couple of those outings, and the last couple of days have been spent on the sofa or my heated mattress pad, whining, crying, etc, as you mentioned. Even my anxiety has been working overtime, so needless to say, I have not been very productive.

    I really like what you said about your life just being altered to fit a new plan. I like your attitude. But you are right about your life being mostly spent in your nightgown. It's the guilt that gets to me, that there is so much to be done and I'm not doing it.

    I'm a bit confused where you mentioned getting your medical records and a good lawyer for insurance ? Do you mean since these pain clinics and treatments are so expensive and some companies my refuse to pay?

    Well gal, thanks for the tips, and I'm so sorry that you are having some rough days too.

    Keep in touch..ok, I'm gonna retreat back to my sofa for awhile. Hope to hear from you soon , hope you are feeling better soon and gentle hugs your way, robsgal.

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    A silent MIGRAINE. It has all the PRODOME (affects before headache), but the headeache never develops...wish that were my case.

    I have all the visual stuff happen before a migraine...loss of vision...lights, tunnel vision, confusion, and then the PAIN hits about 30 minutes later.

    I have also had TIA'S which are very different. They are MINI STROKES and folks who have them, are very prone to having a REAL STROKE. There is a sense of NOT BEING HERE...body goes weak, confusion, slurred speech, unable to get words out, totally un-cordinated.

    Hope you do not have it any longer, but you may want to study up on SILENT MIGRAINES.

    CHOCOLAT <><
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    I want to thank you for your reply.
    So what you are saying is that you can have the vision loss and a silent migrane..no pain? What is unusual is that I used to get terrible migrain headaches (knock on wood) but I haven't experienced one in years. I'd have to wear really dark glass - had a pair for just that, and would have to lay in a quiet dark place. I'm so sorry to hear that you have actually had TIAs. I often think I should check on it myself b/c I am under tremendous stress. How are they found these days and what is used to treat them? Again, thanks for your post and stay well. I'll look for a reply. Robsgal
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    TIA is by definition is a warning sign for more to come. The best thing you can do for your self is go to your MD or ER. Stress, high blood pressure are major contributors,excessive caffine if you are predisposed If you are wrong and it's nothing then great, if it's a precursor to a more permanent ischemic episode you rarely get another chance. Do your self a favor and check it out. and it's great if it isn't anything. Most people wait until there is nothing to do. You only have a three hour window from symptom to "clot buster, if appropriate, So if you stay at home and wait for it to get better, you may have lost your chance. Besides who cares if it's nothing, it's your body. The Md may be able to give you guide lines to stop further TIA's, medication etc. You have nothing to lose but an intact body. BK
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    Every one seems right on. Didn't catch mitrol valve prolapse and High blood pressure at first. This puts you at special risk for mini strokes. Point of interest TIA's leave no residual deficets. But they are a mighty warning of something more permanent to come. Hope all goes well with you. Get to the MD and don't let him put you in a crock pidgen hole. I also have FMS and then refused to have them put Chronic fatigue on my chart. The arthritis over laps every thing and so does the the back pain. I have managed to keep working 12 hour shifts out of stubborness but am really struggling since my pain management clinic just took me off everything but celbrix. I spend msot of my time in bed when not working. good luch to you. And listen to your own body. BK
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    Fortunately I have a doctor that feels that there is no reason why anyone should have to experience the kind of pain that we have when their are so many different ways to manage it. I feel really bad for you spending your life either working or in bed.

    On the topic of TIAs, are you saying that if you have suffered w/a TIA there is no way that a test will show it? Not like a mimi heart attack that leave signs that you have had one? Also, I was not aware that MVP was dangerous. When I was found to have this, the first two or three years I would go back to see my cardiologist to have it checked, but no other restrictions except BP med that I take everyday. My BP is in control, I monitor it myself at home. But when I have really bad pain days, it does go up which is not unusual, and my anxiety, that I have everyday acts up also.

    You have given me something to think about, and I think I am going to check this out. As I said, when I mentioned it to my doctor, with my history of anxiety disorder and panic attacks, he contributed it to stress. Is this a cardiologist's field or a neuro doc's field?

    Thanks for the reply, and I wish you all the best finding something to ease your pain. I do not know how you do it. If I do three loads of laundry and make the bed, I'm finished for the day.

    Stay well BK and thanks again, Robsgal
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    Ask your doctor to check you for a condition called Anti-phospholipid Antibody Syndrome. This can cause strokes, but it is a treatable condition. Lot's of people with CFS/FMS may have a variant of this syndrome. A laboratory in Phoenix called Hemex can provide more information.