Just read article on CFS in Oprah Magazine

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by renjanson, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. renjanson

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    Hi everyone,

    I just finished reading the article on CFS in the September issue of Oprah magazine.

    It's on page 231 and the article is titled "You think You're tired?" by Mary A. Fischer.

    It's actually quite good and accurate. It mentions Laura Hillenbrand who wrote "Seabiscuit" and also Michelle Akers, the soccer champion.

    Just glad this disease is finally getting recognition.

  2. kholmes

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    OPRAH magazine should be a good source of publicity for CFS. I'm glad the article is well-written and accurate.

    I'm also thrilled that this disease is getting recognition.

    Thanks for posting.

  3. renjanson

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    I don't know if you have read about Laura Hillenbrand but she has had CFS for about 20 years and she hardly ever leaves her house.

    She writes while in bed on a laptop. It took her 4 years to write Seabiscuit. And she hardly ever does live interviews because her vertigo is so bad.

    I guess it helps to put a face with the illness to help people understand.
  4. kholmes

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    I understand your frustration with the celebrity thing. But the catch 22 for me is that I tend to want it both ways; I want a celebrity spokesperson for CFIDS, but I want one that's really, really sick, (like we are), so the public can see how devastating this illness is. If I were a celebrity and had CFS as bad as I do, I could never in a million years be a public spokesperson.

    Michelle Akers probably hasn't helped our case much, but Laura Hillenbrand has written in the New York Times how devastating the illness has been for her, and how writing SEABISCUIT, which she did completely in bed, and over a very long period of time, brought about a terrible relapse.

    I haven't read the O MAGAZINE article, and I'm not a big fan of Oprah, but what I see changing in these articles, as opposed to those written ten or twenty years ago, is an awareness of how severe the illness can be, a mention of the CDC's findings on the genetic connection and a physical basis for CFIDS, and fewer mentions of any basis of CFIDS in psychology or depression. I also haven't been seeing the attitude that those with CFS, with a little determination, can do anything. (I'm incredibly determined, but I can't walk farther than about thirty feet).

    Right now, I feel like any pubic recognition, even if a bit flawed, is a good thing.

    But I can totally relate to your frustration and your desire for the public and for physicians to know the truth about fibromyalgia and ME/CFIDS, and there's still a LONG way to go.


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  5. NancyMystic

    NancyMystic New Member

    I'm very encouraged to see an accurate article about us in a mainstream magazine!

  6. pamj

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    We've been hoping to get Oprah's attention for several years, so this is great! I guess I can see why it would be in her magazine rather than the show... anyone who was too sick wouldn't be able to appear on the show.

    This is good news, the awareness continues to spread! Obviously all of the requests we sent have made a difference :)

    I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the update!!!

    take care,
  7. lightnerbride

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    I still think she should do a show. She is so picky about what she will or won't put on her show. How about also including us in her Christmas give away show, huh!

    I am miserable and don't get out of the house much let alone the bed but would be willing to travel (and be even more miserable) if it meant getting real attention to FM/CFS, etc.

    I think many of us feel that way, that is part of many of our problems...we are all so giving and tend to put ourself second!
  8. zion1971

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    I have to disagree with a comment i read about Michelle Akers. She was interviewed by Today's Christian Woman magazine several years ago. She tells her CFS story. Her story is what led my old doctor to look more closely at my symptoms. She was an inspiration to me when i first became ill 8 years ago. She has suffered just as much as we have. She had to retire from soccer. Her story was a drink of water in a dry land. God bless her!
  9. kholmes

    kholmes New Member

    I am really glad to hear your comment about Michelle Akers.

    One of my former students lent me her autobiography a while back, and I also found her story and her faith very inspiring.

    I'm glad to hear she is still talking about her experiences with CFS. A while back, she had a good website about her experiences with CFS and what treatments were helping her, but she removed it for some reason.

    Isn't she--at least part of the time--still travelling, doing speaking engagements, and working with worldwide soccer organizatons? While very admirable, maybe that's why a lot of people in the CFS community, especially those much more disabled than her, feel that she doesn't accurately reflect the severity of this illness. (It's not really fair to her, is it? We want more celebrity spokespersons for CFS, but we want those are severely disabled with it and who wouldn't be up to the task!)

    I'm very glad to hear your news about her--her faith, her sharing her story, and how her account provoked your doctor to further explore CFS and help you. I'm glad she is an inspiration to you. That IS invaluable.

    By the way, Zion, I notice that you're a former teacher. What did you teach? What grades? I taught high school English and Media. I taught Navajo students for over a decade. This is my second fall not going back, and it's especially hard to understand why we're not able to do something we love, isn't it?


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  10. tlayne

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    maybe we should all go out and buy this magazine, and tell everyone we know to buy it. Money talks. Maybe if there is a hugh hike in sales Oprah will take more of an interest????? Just a thought. Hugs, Tam
  11. springrose22

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    Any kind of attention and public education will help us all in the end. Take care all. Marie
  12. renjanson

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  13. UnicornK

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    Let's all contact Oprah Magazine since most of us have both CFS and FMS (or ME). To contact (Letters to the Editor) email "youropinions@hearst.com". Include your name, address and daytime phone number. Maybe she'll write an article about one of us!

    I hope this is not breaking any rules. Please let me know if I am.

    God Bless.
  14. Forebearance

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    I loved the article! It was great!

    The photo on the first page made me laugh, though! It was a photo of a woman wearing business attire, like a skirt and nylons and pumps and carrying a briefcase, lying flat on a bed!

    LOL!!! As if! If they had wanted to be accurate, she would have been wearing pajamas and fuzzy slippers!

    I think I will write a letter of thanks to the editors of O for publishing that article.

    And by the way, Oprah DID have some people on her show who had CFS, many years ago. I didn't see that episode, so I can't describe it. But they were people associated with the CFIDS Assoc of America.

  15. pamj

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    The photo of the woman in business clothing was pretty funny...

    Those of us living with CFS know that this picture would not have happened after a day of work (impossible)... it was actually taken after she showered & got dressed. She never made it out of the bedroom!!!

    It was a good article, I copied it and have been handing it out.

    take care,
  16. forfink

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  17. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I read it and you're right, it's good as far as it goes. I actually liked the photo. I think it wouldn't have been as eye-catching if the person was like us, in jammies and slippers.

    Thanks for mentioning this.

  18. 1sweetie

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