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    My typical day is starts out about 1:00 am Not alseep yet still acheing so I will take a pain pill for breakthru pain and go to bed, I then sleep off and on till around 7:30 and get up eat some breakfast and take my meds adn if I have the energy I will load the dishwasher and then I am pooped and need to lay down and sleep.

    It is about 1-2 pm before I wake up again and I will put in a load of wash and go up stairs with my non meds and eat then take them and I will lay on the couch reading a book but sadly it seems I am dozing off more and more , I hear the TV going but I just can't keep my eye's open. I don't like this at all , as I have things I need to do , OK I want to do.

    My middle daughter is comming home for a visit from Ct. where she is a nanny. I have made a goal that I will have my kitchen cleaned up including the table and under it and have all totes of clothes that need to be looked at and be washed adn put away or gotten rid of. I will start out just fine doing thing cleaning . I get the dishes loaded in the disheasher and will clean off my stove so that it looks good and then some one has removed all energy from my body.

    So if you find them make them give me my energy back. I work at this every day yet it is a never ending job. I don't know if I will be able to get it all done before she gets here in 2 weeks. I need to clean off the talbe and put all the junk away and clean off counters too so that they look nice.
    My brain thinks taht I can do anything but my body is arguing with the brain telling it that " WE don't have the energy to do this work need to rest now asap!'

    It is upsetting to me that where I once could clean my kitchen in just a few hours it has become days now and I can't do it in one day as it will take longer as I start to droop faster and must lay down and rest. I can't lift anything more than 20 lbs and that is not very often so it really takes me a long time to get things done.

    I have gotten my living room cleaned up as I had the grandbaby on saturday come to visit with me and being just 13 months old he east anything from the floor so I had to have the floor cleaned and vaccumed. But I had it done the day before. And I have been keeping it as clean as possiable so that I don't have to redo it all over again. Then I will just need to have some one vaccum it for me once more. I have done it and then I pay big time for doing it as it irriates my lower back and hips and knees.

    I try to do some thing every day to get my house in order and it is better now that I do everything is short time frames and I stick to what I am doing. I tend to keep the rooms cleaner. I try to do a load of laundry and dry it and fold it and put it away every day. By the time everything is in it;s palce I am dead tired and have no choice but to sleep for a hour or so..

    I have tried to make a list of all I need to do and put it in order but it seems to fail as I poop out to fast. I think I can do more than i really can. And it irrates me taht I cna't do all the things I have planed.

    But I try to do some thing each day working toward getting thehouse clened up so that when she gets here it will be cleaned up and looking good. I try my best to not sleep all day but i have days where that is the only thing I do is doze off. I don't know why I do that but I seem to do it more often than not.
    EAch day is a different struggle of things to do. On thursday I have a doctors appointment adn will need to take all the questions I have for the doctor so I know what is going on with me. And then it will be off to the pharmacy to pick up the 6-7 perscriptions.And then it is HOME to rest noww and not do any thing for a few hours adn then i still and over tired. It is good that I only se him once a month or I would not make it through that day.

    EAch day is different andwhat I get done depends on the amount of sleep I have gotten the night before. And as it is after 1 am I need to go to bed as i havee a cousin from Canada to see and I really want to see him befor he lieave for his new job. Then I will come home and wassh some colthes and put them in the dryer and hang them up and put them a way and I will fold up all the closesin the basket that is on the floor that is all clean colthers that need to be folded and put away, that will take about 1 and a half hors to do and by then the dryer is done adn i need to hang up the clothes fresh from the dryer , putting thenm awaaay asap.

    AS I have said that I don't have tow days that are the same some are worse then others and some are better. I miss being able to do all the things I once did before all this started to haapend to me. I want to be able to do all that nromal people do in a day and I am unable to do it. so I do what I can't do and do it as fat as i can do..
    Do each day is different than I have planed to do but at least I am doing some ting moe than must sitting on muy butt foxing off all the timel. My goals are not the same and i do setout to do all that I can fut as the fog sweeps in I tend to space off and not get the things done that i planed to be doing.
    I wish I could say that each day I have done all I wanted to do but ia have not. So it is my goal to work harder to get all i want to get done each day.

    Do it is oooff to bed now and to sleep I will go. Have a good night and I hope that all i well wit don't want much from this life but to be abl to avct NORMaL That is a BIG eidh to br notmal and be able to .
    Thaks for listening to me wine. Love ya,
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    You just described my life.
    I couldn't have said it any better.

    I am so sorry you are going through
    this. I KNOW exactly what you mean.

    It is so frustrating to know that this^%$#&*
    disease just never lets up.

    I get so depressed sometimes that I
    could just run around the house screaming
    at the top of my lungs but, I can't even walk
    without limping most of the time. And
    I know I'd never make it around the house.

    Sorry, I am getting silly now.

    Any way, hang in there. My mama always
    said the Good Lord wouldn't put more on
    us than we could bear. I have to keep

    telling my self that.

    (((hugs,)))) Ruth

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