Just recently diagnosed FMS, any helpful advice?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lisavan, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. lisavan

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    I was recently diagnosed wtih Fibromyalgia about 9 months ago. My symptoms have popped up again for the 2nd time. They last about 4 months. I have tried to work, but it's really hard difficult because I have severe Fatigue. Any helpful advice would be really appreciated. Thanks
  2. Daisys

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    I've found the Teitelbaum protocol to be the best help yet for me. You can get the book From Fatigued to Fantastic by Teitelbaum to see what it's about.(It's in my library, but I ended up buying it.) If you go to the website by the same name, you'll be able to see if any docs in your area are trained in this protocol.
    They work in all areas at once, and especially sleep. If you aren't getting refreshing sleep, you won't heal.
    So it's: SHIN: sleep, hormones, infections, nutrition. They also work with pain issues.
    They work with anything: prescription if needed, but also naturopathic supps, acupuncture, massage...
    It's aggressive which I really like. No more trying one thing and then waiting awhile to see what happens.
    Hope this helps.
  3. vbjess

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    I know, everybody's got a "cure".

    Whenever my fatigue gets really bad, I take an old person's vitamin: chewable centrum silver. I couldn't handle the big horse pill vitamins for a long time, so I just buy the chewable ones out of habit now. My stomach got so upset that I would throw them up. Apparently it happens to the elderly as well.

    The "silver" vitamins have vitamins and minerals, and they're really strong. It usually gives me enough of a boost to get through the fatigue... this coming from someone who can sleep through four alarm clocks for 23 hours at a time! I sleep at the opposite end of the house from my family, and they're been woken up by my alarms clocks.. but I sleep through them!

    Another thing I use is mental warfare: I just set my body in one mode or another, push the fatigue aside, and say "I have to do this right now. I can't afford to be tire right now. I can be tired when I get home, but I can't be tired right now." I've had three years of practice with the fibro, and I had four years of practice with combination hypoglycemia and severe migraines before that... everybody has the willpower, you just have to bring it out! You CAN DO IT.

    Hope this helps!

  4. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member


    I have found some relief with a large heating pad, plenty of rest and good nutrition. Like you I do get massages at least once a month.


  5. Pianowoman

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    Welcome to the board and sorry that you have FM. You will find lots of information and support here, though.
    First of all, I would say, read, read ,read! You need information first. There are so many things that people have tried. Some things help one and not the other.

    You will get lots of information here by reading old posts. You can search a topic at the upper left of this page. There are many excellent books. A couple are Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome by Devin Starlanyl and Hope and Help for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia by Dr. Alison Bested. Dr. Starlanyl also had a very good web site.

    As has been said, good nutrition is key as well as pacing yourself. You may need meds for sleep and for pain. That's a lot. Take your time and things will become clearer.

    Take Care
  6. mme_curie68

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    I was dx'd at the end of February.

    I have been on the following cocktail -

    Flexeril (Cyclobenzaprine) 10 mg at night and 10 mg in am if needed for stiffness

    Naproxen 500 mg for pain 2x/day, taken with Prilosec OTC 20 mg 2x/day to protect stomach.

    Adderall 10 mg up to 3x/day for fatigue. The Adderall has really helped, BUT it has been messing with my blood pressure. Next Psych. visit, I am probably going to try Provigil (Modafinil) next and see if my BP will behave better and help with the fatigue.

    I elected to try Adderall first as there is a generic for the immediate release version.

    I have been able to continue working with symptomatic treatment for the fatigue. Not that I have much choice, mind you, BUT I was at my wits end, and at least now it's manageable.

    Also, nutrition wise, I try not to eat processed foods and high protein, low carb.

    I use supplements, but I am trying to fine tune that regimen. I think the two that have made the biggest difference are CoQ10 and magnesium.

    I also try to exercise 3x/week for an hour each. Right now I'm doing yoga and walking.

    The less I move, the stiffer I get and the pain increases. Trial and error has shown that at least for ME, if I stop moving, I get more problems.

    You'll find a lot of ideas and support here. This board has been a lifesaver for me! It's the only place I can go and be fully accepted as a person with fibro.

    Madame Curie

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