Just returned to work after a month of disability leave

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    Long story short, my FM got so bad, and my anxiety so bad, that I couldn't even talk to people in a civil manner. I was being rude and snappy with everybody, and my boss told me to check in with my rheumatologist to see if taking time off would be of some benefit.

    So I spent one month out of the office, doing physical therapy, taking two hot baths a day, meditating, relaxing. By the middle of Week 4 I was feeling great and looked forward to returning to work.

    This is now the end of Week Two back at the office and my body is crying out HELP! HELP! HELP! Although my anxiety is gone, my pain is even slightly worse than it was before I took my leave. I am doing everything right. I am doing stretches twice a day, getting up and walking away from my desk, I have a lumbar cushion for my chair, etc. I take hot baths at night and hot showers in the morning. I'm finally on a decent prescriptive protocol (ahhhh Darvocet) and even though the pain is gone, the tension is still there.

    I DON'T know what to do. Please help.
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    I have to do a LOT to keep things going, myofascial release appointments, working out in the water, stretching at home, just added inversion, diet, etc, etc.

    If I do an activity, such as working at my computer as a medical transcriptionist for eight hours a day, sitting in the same position even with ergonomically correct set up including the chair, the mere motion detracts from my overall comfort.

    To overcome that negative activity, I have to put in even more time combatting that effect.

    You are on the right road, but for me, because I continue to work (mainly for health benefits first and yes the money) I have to work even harder to overcome those the physical strain on the body.

    Keep up the good work, June
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    I fear I am going to soon be in the same boat. I'm returning to work on Monday after a 2 month disability leave. I had just started a new position at my company on Jan 1, by mid Feb. I was a wreck of anxiety, pain and depression. I left my old position to be closer to home (i was commuting 1.5 hrs each way)...new office is only 20 minutes away. I regret every minute of my decision, the long drive doesn't even compare to the fact that I HATE my new job. I have spent the last 2 months going from doctor to doctor..trying meds that turned me into a person I didn't recognize and trying to do all the right things..hot baths, exercise, and physical therapy. I am agonizing over the realization that I might fail to make it through this. I have been with my company for 9 yrs and I am lucky in the fact that I may still have the chance to return to my old position...BUT I am hate the thought of failing..quitting.... and returning to my old office..to people who were so happy for me, sure of me. I just don't know what to do.

    Megchampagne....If you get any good advice...please, please send it my way. I hope we get through this.
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    I woke up to go to work one morning in June 05', much to my surprise I couldn't walk so my husband called my PCP and to the Emergency room we went. That was my first sign of having anything wrong with me. Before that I was a healthy 41 yr old woman who could do just about anything I wanted to. After many test, I was initially diagnosed with Lyme disease then Fibro. CFS, depression, nerve problems with my limbs, etc...and I was put off work for 6 weeks.

    I was released to go back to work Aug. 18th 05'. My very first day there I had to report to the HR manager & Plant Manager. They transferred me to a different dept. under a new supervisor and told me that my pay would not change. The reason I was given was because while off on short-term disability leave I filed a grievance against my previous supervisor. While on leave, my father and nephew (my sister's only son who was 6 years old) was killed in a traffic accident. My previous supervisor made a choice the day after they were killed to spread rumors about me to my co-workers and others that were malicious and false, so after the funeral I filed a grievance against her and took it directly to the plant manager.

    There was NO direct action taken against her, however the plant manager did hold a meeting of the people involved while I was still on leave and basically said he would not tolerate any more rumors or gossip.

    So the first day back, after I was told about my reporting to a new supervisor, he called me into his office. HR & the Plant Manager was correct, my pay did not change but, and I say but...what they did not tell me was my current pay was well above any level in the new dept. I would be reporting to and it could take 2 to 5 YEARS before I would ever get a raise although I would get yearly evaluations.

    During the next couple of months, I was stripped of my position on the company activity team, could not longer take company pictures, could not shut my office door and lay in the floor during my unpaid lunch hour but was told I could go lay in my car. And we know that after sitting for 4 to 5 straight hours (on a chair that my feet were 2 feet from the ground and I was told to deal with it) that my feet were swollen, my back hurt, and the pain was endless (but NO MORE laying down on the floor with the door shut). There is so much more I would be here all day typing.

    It didn't take long before I collapsed. On Nov. 15th (my anniversary) I woke and could not move my legs nor walk. From that point until now I have been unable to work backed my several doctors statements.

    So after 5 years of busting my a@@ for this company, they ended up kicking me in the a@@ by not only their actions but by their lies. Even people whom I thought I could trust was using false info to brown nose to either their supervisor or mine.

    I chose to paid for short & long term disability for the five years I was employed by this company, On Feb 18th 06', they cut off my short term disability 2 weeks short of me going on long term. The reason: the nurse who filled out my monthly report forgot or over looked writing that I am not able to sit or stand for no longer than one hour at any given time. My PCP revised the form and I had to file an appeal. May 15, 06' my PCP received a check for my medical records from Hartford Ins. Co. who was in charge of my Short & Long term Dis. May 16th I received a letter from Hartford letting me know that they received my appeal, sent a check for my medical records and requested and extension from my employer until they could make an informed decision about my case.

    Low and behold, my employer denied Hartford's request and told them on May 18th that I was NO LONGER AN EMPLOYEE. I then received a letter dated May 25th 06' saying as of May 31st 06' I was terminated based on the fact that it was taken to long for my PCP to get them the medical information, even though legally he just received the check on the 15th of May.

    So right before my eyes, I lost my job, my family's insurance, and my family's life insurance. I wanted to breakdown right then and there but I didn't I prayed and chose to fight back with the law.

    I was just denied for the 1st time my SSDI, so I picked out an attorney that is willing to handle my SSDI, my LTD and the cases I have pending with the ERISA and EEOC Commission. He deals with these kinds of cases all the time and is willing to take on all of them for me. Unlike, Binder & Binder who only takes SSDI cases but would have to refer me to another attorney for the LTD and refer me to yet another with the ERISA & EEOC and I am not well enough mentally or physically to deal with 3 attorneys at once because it would to overwhelming for me.

    All I have said seems like a nightmare but the rainbow for me was never having to go back to the backstabbing, destructive, negative environment again and as sick as I am, the weight has lifted off my shoulders and I am just now able to talk about my experience without getting angry or deal with unresolved issues inside me because of the betrayal from that company.

    I hope everything works out for you, remember you and your health comes first once you have been diagnosed with FM. Triggers are our enemy and can affect us with in a matter of minutes as well as the rest of our life unless we chose to deal with it head on. (Head on was forced on me but even when that happens, I believe a higher power is looking out for us in the long run).

    Take care and Best Wishes to ya,

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