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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by snester, Feb 16, 2003.

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    Hi, at the recommendation of a member (sweetiepie) I have joined your group.

    I am brand new to this disease. I am not a happy camper either. My whole life has been thrown into turmoil. I was dx'd in December(my doctor's first choice). This was after shrugging off symptoms or assigning them to other causes for almost 3 years. I would guess that I have been experiencing an acute flare since October 2002...I refer to it as the baseball bat analogy.
    Granted I waited until December to see a doctor, and in the mean time kept up ALL of my physical activity, while ingesting ibuprofen by the handful. Now I am on Neurontin, PRN and Feldene 2xday. I have not been able to ride or swim. I am trying to do pilates...even this can be excruiating.
    I have had blood work to rule out lupus and other things. I had the joy of experiencing an MRI, not my favorite thing to do. I will be seeing a neurologist in March. My doctor has even mentioned RSDS (relfex sympathetic dystrophy).
    I am assuming that my trials and tribulations are similar to most of you. Knowing that this screaming pain in my biceps and shoulders and the tingling and numbness in both arms may never go away is not pleasant.Let's not even mention the constant brain fog. I guess I am entering the "oh, poor me/why me??" phase of acceptance.
    How does one fight against this?? I am not a patient person, I understand that I may need to pratice harder at being patient. How long does it take to find a combination of drugs and therapy that will allow me to get back to riding, playing tug-o-war with my dog, or cookng without fear of dropping pots of food???
    Thanks for the space to vent. Sue
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    hi sue and welcome to the boards. i'm not a patient person either but waited over 10 years for a diagnosis and am still begging for meds. so far i've received one script for ultram and thats it! needless to say, i'm doctor shopping right now. you'll find a lot of different people here who are on different combinations of treatments. i tend to take a page out of everyone's books. everyone is different though and things that work fantastically for me may make you ill. its a hard time but everyone here is wonderful and caring.


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    hi thear my name is cindy , i found this place abought a mth ago ,and it has helped me prfoundly!!!!
    I'v had this DD for 9 yr's ! I'v been blessed w/ this board ,my husband say's Are You on that board againe i can spent hr's hear , Its sad to say but it's realy helped me to read thease posts & find out I'm not crazy ,any way Welcome , I would ofcorse wait for all you'r test's to be in ,before moving on ,but for 4 yr's i was passed around,from dr to dr!!!And litterly if it hand't been for my children problie wouldn't still be hear, Finally Got back to my Family Dr!!!She put my on oxicotten, she said I can't beleave how bad you look cindy , She remembers me ,Being a exercise Junky!!!And heath nut, Well I haven't seen that person in yr's lol.have been on soo many differnt pain meds NOTHING Worked , when my Dr said oxi , It scared me to death ,Thought oh grate now i'll be a space codeat!
    It took me 4 day's before i would dare take one , But my Lord ,It has given me back my life!!! I'm still taking it slow ,I know it just covers up my symtoms!!I do pt & am starting yoga againe , had to give that up when i closed my bissness,, But got gift certifacs for x/mass, You will have to slow down , entill you get the right med's for you , But I Wish you the very best God bless