Just simply amazing (sarcasm for those that dont know me)

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    Went to the family GP today, have been having some problems with my chest, tightness and horrid heartburn. He asked if I had trouble with stairs and I said yes, but, that probably had more to do with my CFS then my heart. I saw the look on his face and asked him politely, " you dont believe in CFS do you?" to which he replied " Oh I believe you are chronically fatigued but not with what they choose to call CFS"

    He seemed like a fairly nice man so I asked him "why", to which he replied," I have been a doctor for 33 years and this thing has come and gone with many names". He proceeded to give me a list of the ones he could remember. He then went on to tell me that he believed it was more a case of a mental state then a disease and thought anti depressants are the best cure for it.

    I asked about aids and the fact that it took dedicated people a very long time to actually determine what it was, all I got for that was "well, that's different. I touched on the MXRV virus and he replied, "well you would be better versed in that then me, but, wasn't it epstein barr for a very long time, and then lyme disease and oh I love the new one Multiple Chemical Sesitivity, what is that,? we all have something that bothers us"

    To be fair, I was willing to keep an open mind( I try to do that now and then), but then he blurted out that even Rhuematiod Arthritis is more a state of mind, at that moment I pictured my sister with her feet and hands twisted and riddled with the disease and that brought me back to reality.

    Oh how I wish I could put this Doctor on a panel of people more versed in the subject then I!

    So to this I say, " Thank you to the men and women who strive to find a cause and a cure or even a treatment!" It means the world to people like myself who just dont have the words, knowledge or the energy to go up against this disease!

    Yes Doctor!!! I said "DISEASE"

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    He's not up-to-date, that's for sure! I hope you have plans to search for a "real" doctor to treat this real disease!

    I'm so blessed that my doctor tries to help in every way he can, even though I know he's searching for treatments that help just like I am. He believes me, and we're searching together.

    So sorry you had to face that. Hopefully he'll meet a respected colleague that is well-studied in CFS, and can "learn" him a thing to two.

    Blessings to you! Debbie
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    Sadly most primary care physicians are not educated about ME/CFS in any country. The health authorities do not provide information and give a clear statement about the illness, hence the doctors form their own half baked psychological explanations. This has happened throughout the history of medicine. Not only doctors but many people are quick to form psychological explanations for people's troubles with no evidence what so ever. Almost all studies show that ME/CFS is not psychogenic but has psychological effects because of the involvement of the immune system on the nervous system. Yet I know of several physicians, some specialists who still tell patients that the "condition" occurs mostly in people with a psychiatric history.

    What amazes me are the number of doctors who say that scientific results are important in difining an illness but then resort to psychologizing, as if psychological explanations are exempt. Psychology is a science too.

    Sadly this will go on for many years to come. This is why markers of the illness are so important.

    Yes, get a real doctor.

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