Just so tired tonight. DId get a surprise vist from daughter

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    I feel like I have been beat up and I don't know what who was doing the beating.
    Since I have been spending most of this summer helping me mom with the illness's she has been thru and now a compression fracture. I just don't have any energy left in me.

    I ache more, more emotional,more severe pain in my back, and knees. I am just not feeling like my self I don't really understand why I am feeling like I do.

    My youngest daughter stopped by today for a surpro=ise visit and I got to play with my grandson for a few hours. HE is such a smart baby only 17 months old and he does hte most ineresting things. HE found a fridge mangent and handed it to me and then took it and ran to the fridge and put it on there just where it belonged. It was so cute to see him do that.

    But later on I got a phone call from my daughter telling me that he had thrown up twice in the hour that it took to get to the towm they lived in and he still was not feeling good. I told her to keep giging him small amount so fluids so htat he would not dehydrate. I am hopint that he is ok an that he just ate to much junk food and that is the problem.

    My daughter is especting her second baby in Jan of next year. She is doing so much better sinc the morning sickness has gone away but she still has only gained 6 lobs and she is 5 months along , she says that she is at the stage where people look as her and think that she ie eoither pregneant or getting fat. But after all the ulrasonds she has had she and the baby girl are doing great.

    I Love to have my fmaily to gether it warms my heart .

    But to night i am just feeling a bit down and I don't know why,
    I have read all the stories about Steve Irwin and for some reason it just breaks my heart for his wife and children. I to lost my dad at 12 years old and my youngest sister ws just 9 years old and she has struggled with this feeling left alone and abandoned. I Pray for the family that they may find comfort and some peace of mind.

    I can'texplaind just why this upsets me so much but it does.. I hurt for the kids and his wife. And even if I could e-mail them and know that she {HIS WIFE would read it} I don't have the words of comfort that I would like to give her. AS only time wil heal this wwwound nda it ilwl tkae years for this wound to heal.

    Well I am starting to ramble about differnt subjects so I am going to go to my bed and hopefull sleep.
    Thanks for reading mypost ,
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    My one and only granddaughter lives in Alaska, so we don't get to see her very often. Hopefully they will come this Christmas.

    And you have a granddaughter on the way...wonderful! Twice the blessings! Terri
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    I don't know what causes it but you seem to have a very tender heart.I to have very emotional days where I don't know why may be over tired or what ever. We who are in pain are so miss understood I think we have a very stronge compassion for others. Steves Death touched a lot of people. For me it was the fact that I have seen him risk his life to save the life of another and Good souls are hard to find. God bless you Rosemarie