Just some questions about fibro and Chronic Meyofacial Pain syndr

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  1. rosemarie

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    I am a bit confused these days. I had my dx of fibro 3 years ago and I thought that it was in the medical records from the gp to my pain doctor but some hoe they can't find them. But the PA told me that I have Chronic Meyofacial Pain syndrome. What is the difference between them? I know that I am always getting muscle cramps and they feel like some one has twisted my muscels into hard knots. And it they take for ever to ease and go back to normal.

    But I also have the extreme fatique and fogineess, stiff in the mornings, I ache all over, don't sleep well,sound bothers me, Like going to the movies to me it is like I am sitting on the speaker and it is on full volume. the sound hurts me everywhere not just my ears but all over, It makes me feel so comfused and ittatated by it. And then there are the fourestant lights that hum and buzz in stores and scuh.

    I can't remember half of the time where I parked the car andthe other half where did I put my car keys, I get leg aches alot, and achey arms both of them in the upper regions from above my elbow to my shoulder.Some times they hurt so bad that I am in tears becase of this intesnce horrid pain for no real reason that I can find.

    I feel like my personality has changed alot. I have always been emotional now it is OVER EMOTIOAL FOR NO REASON. I will be explaining some thing that I want to do and some how the words don't come out right , it is like I will tell some one that I had told them that I was going to do something when I really meant to say was I am going to do this today.. I have discomfort afater exercising when I can exercise.

    It just really is pain full to exercise so I have had to just do streaching exercises. , some oders bother me more than ever, I hvae a low body temp and have had that for years . My body temp is nromal at 96.7 some times it will get up to 97 .0 But when I am at the "Normal 98.6 I have a fever and no one will believe me.

    If I had to discribe what this pain is like it is not nromal. Normal pain is when you have a head ache adn you take a asprin & it goes away. Or you tripp and break your wrist after the surgery is over and the cast is off the pain will go away or it wshould mine has never gone away. I feel like everything has gotten mixed up and the pain signals have been short circted. they never ever turn off.

    I get so sleepy at time that when I am just resting reading a book I will doze off , yet I can still hear the TV and people talking. I sometimes will get so tired that I have to lay down or I will fall down as I am so tired, my body is not not what it used to be.

    And I don't feel like it is my own body any more. So I think I have fibro adn added to that CMP. But I would like to know what the differece it between the two .They both have some of the same symptoms and it is really confusing to me.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    I am on MScontin 100 mgs 5 x a day
    MSIR 30 mg as needed for breakthruogh pain 4x a day
    Soma 350 mg 4x day
    xanax 2 mg 2 x a day
    valium 1 a day
    visterial 3x a day

    My diet well it needs work on it. I am eating lots of whole grains in my bread and ceral as they help with the effects of the MScontin. I don't eat lots of protien . I really don't have a good diet and I am just now working with my MD about the things I should eat. She feels that I should go on the South Beach diet as in her eye's it is the best.

    However I am of the belief that if I eat small protions of good food from a balanced diet I will do better than I am now. No one diet where you have to cut out everything that you really like is going to work for you and you will not stick with it. So it is my goal to eat less white bread, Now that I have found a whole wheat 5 grain bread white bread is nasty. I am trying to limit my sugar intake and eat apples differnt fresh fruits and veggies as they are a good source of fiber.

    Right now I have this crabving for Ben & Jerry's Chocolate cookie mint ice cream and I can eat it all the time but lately I have been not eating it as much. I need to eat better so that my body will function better.

    I need help to find a good way to eat that is some of all the food groups and not alot of red meat and low is sugar's as this kind of diet will be better for me and I will be better at eating this way than having a diet that restricts all white food ,sugar ect .

    I need to eat better and more regually just eating more regually would help me alot.
    But I have lots of work to do on my eating habits.
  3. mom4three

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    I have both. I was dx with FMS in 98. About 3 years ago my upper back and shoulders were hurting so very much and they were so tight and would not move. Heat and adjustments did nothing. I was then dx with myofascial pain syndrome. It is as if saran wrap is around my muscles in my upper back. It is really knotty.
    I don't know if this helps you but I wanted to share with you that I have both dx and not just one. Your sx mimic mine.


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