Just stared taking Trazodone

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mum6, Jul 15, 2003.

  1. mum6

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    I hope someone has the answer to my question. My Dr. just started me on Trazodone to help me sleep (to be taken with flexeril)but at this point won't gve me anything for pain. My question is can I take tylenol with the combination I take at night???? Thanks Mum6
  2. 2aycocks

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    Trazadone has done very well for me. I take 2 tabs at night, or 1 tab and 1 muscle relaxer. I will also take tylenol or advil if I need it. It has not caused a problem for me.
  3. Lynda B.

    Lynda B. New Member

    But if you are still experiencing pain depending on what level, keep pushing your doctor. You may need more than meds that help you sleep.

    Lynda B.
  4. gramof2

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    Hi Mum6, I tried Trazodone and it gave me night terrors, worst than nightmares. I do take Zanaflex and it helps me get thru the night.

    I agree with others here that you should be firm about your md about pain meds.

    I always thought I had to tuff it out. After changing MD's YEAH I found one who works with me. I go to an appointment with a list of what I need to talk about and suggestions I've gotten from the web etc.

    We have talked about everything from meds, spinals, to hypnosis and acupuncture (which I'm looking into now.)

    It's a toss of the coin what works for one won't work for another..but there isn't any reason for anyone to be in pain anymore. There is so much out there today.

    I hope you find the relief you need. I too am looking because my new symptoms have everyone stumped. I wish us both luck. Neen
  5. Patti2

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    It helps me sleep but I still wake with pain. He also gave me flexiril to take, I want an pain med.
  6. epicurean

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    for sleep,plus ambien.and if I have pain I also take a vicoprofen (or now I'm on percocet) earlier in the eve., and sometimes a zanaflex.Still I only sleep for about 6 hours
  7. Nikki

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    Before I was dx'd w/FMS, I was taking 75mg of Trazodone every night for sleep (this was rx'd by my PCP). After dx (3/03), my Rheumy kept me on Traz but added 10mg Flexeril & 10mg Ambien (I was taking 1/2 7.5 Lorcet 3x day, but not @ bedtime). Since my pain had increased by my 2nd visit, he decided to up my Traz to 150mg; then he rx'd 5mg of Klonopin (generic . . . and told me to stop taking the Flexeril while on the Klon.) w/the idea of me eventually taking 10mg of K @ night. I still take Ambien, but only 5mg. He also told me to take 7.5mg Lorcet up to 3xday if needed for the pain. I am only taking .25 of Klonopin . . . that's powerful stuff for me, and I have a very high tolerance for most any meds.

    Brain fog............just realized that didn't even answer your question. Oh well, I'm posting anyway. I think everyone else gave you good advice. It's okay to take the Tylenol.

    Why won't your dr. give you pain pills? It's hard to function during the day when you're in so much pain. Even if you get some sleep @ night. If he refuses, ask him about the Klonopin. It really takes the edge off my horrific pain during the day . . . but it's certainly not the end all............sharon