Just Started SSDI App. South Of San Francisco.

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    My state disability just ran out.

    I went to the Dept. of Rehabilitaion not even knowing how they could help me and while waiting for my first visit and their orientation group meeting, I waited in my seat apprehensively. A rep. came up to me as I was the last person to get up to go to this conference room and she asked me why I was hesitating. I told her I had extreme anxiety problems and didn't think I could get through the orientation.

    This "angel" took me to a seperate office and asked me to be more specific about my medical condition. I told her that starting one year ago after working all my 54 years that I got a flu, fainted at home, fell full face on my face and nose on a hard surface, crushed and broke my septum, knocked myself out with a weeks worth of bleeding and went to the hospital with this and low electrolytes, low blood cell count, flu, fever, you name it. I told her about getting "worse!" after I was given a 7 day course of an antibiotic called Levaquin starting that first night in the ER for the head injury. How I fainted in the car going home 1/2 hour after taking my first 2 Levaquin tablets in the ER.

    I told her how since that first week I have incredible symptoms such as unbalanced feeling, weak legs and arms, very sore and weak knees and ankles and pain in all my muscles ( tendonitis.) And so many other horrible symptoms ...including nervousness to the point of panic attacks, shaking, tremors, vision instantly worse than before, depression, and so many other things like torn rotator cuff, fractured vertebrae.

    I told her I had gone to our local ER 15 times in this last year because of these feelings and weakness like I was going to pass out.

    I told her that I was hospitalized in April due to an extreme reaction to a new stomach flu ( I was in a very weakened state already, couldn't stop vomiting ) and passed out in a wheel chair waiting for an X-ray in the hospital. That I had a 3 and 1/2 second pause in my heart beat that night in the cardiac wing and how I had brady cardia into the high thirties for months. How I lost 35 pounds in 3 months from not being able to eat due to hirrfic intestinal pain and actually "body shock" when I ate! I would get so weak I couldn't lift my arms and was having difficulty breathing and would feel faint for hours...all day many times.

    She asked me if anyone had told me to file for SSDI and I told her no...in fact when I mentioned this to a few main doctors they said no way would they sign for something like this.

    She was angry. She said that I was to call and start the process immediately, which I did.

    I have my first telephone interview this next week.

    I don't have one doctor who will sign for me...so I don't know what to do except tell the SS people about all my records.

    I have a psychiatrist and therapist who have diagnosed extreme anxity and post traumatic stress and depression. Been seeing them for most of the past year also. Still see therapist once a week. Therapist is a dcotor of Psychotherapy. She also says she would never sign for SSDI.

    Wish me luck. Any advice?
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    I'm happy to hear that you have started an appeal for SS
    help! Seems to me you would have a very good case. Don't
    be surprised if you get the standard delays and "stone-
    walling". Hope it doesn't happen but it seems to be a
    tactic they use to discourage people from pursuing their

    See: www.disabilitysecrets.com
    www.nolo.com (Pub. out of Berkeley on SSA guidance)
    Joe, most Attorney's will not take your case at the start
    as they will ask you to contact them after a denial or
    two from SS. I got my benefits without much direct if any
    intervention by Doctors. It was based on my med records
    and consistancy of symptoms. But I had to go all the way
    to a hearing befor and Adminstrative Law Judge and a panel
    of court appt. experts.

    Ther are other websites that can also be of great help
    and support that other people on the Board will be able
    to have for you on request.

    Best wishes,
    MRDAD aka Joe
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  3. joeb7th

    joeb7th New Member

    I am 55. No college education at all.

    And if they could have seen me in the state I was in yesterday, I think any judge would see that I'm in bad shape. I could barely walk, weak legs, felt like I was going to keel over any second. My insides and nerves were just going haywire. I was shaking from head to toe.

    I had weord "prickly" feelings shooting all over, some in chest, head, neck even feet and hands. Fingers tingling. Bladder urge and penis tingling. Just freezing even with the heat on.

    But your sense of well being is so shaken, becuase the feelings are so undescribably weird, scary and disabling.

    I swear, it's like something is shorting out my nervous system.

    Anyway, take care. JB
  4. turtlesyndrome

    turtlesyndrome New Member

    ssdi 12/16/06 02:34 PM

    I applied for disability in Jan. 2005 and I was approved in August 2005. I Live in california and I receive SSI and SSDI. You don't necessarily have to have Doctors "sign for you." I would just collect all of your medical records and submitt them. Below is what I submitted....

    I submitted a daily journal that I kept for 30 days detailing my symptoms. I also was evaluated by both a state appointed doctor and pyscologist, which I think helped my claim. I also submitted a detailed list of my immediate symptoms and limitaions listed below.

    There is an organization if you need an attorney called the National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives you can reach them at nosscr.org They are a non-profit/non-commercial organization. There phone number is (800) 431-2804

    Limitations from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:


    -Overwhelming fatigue, exhaustion, weakness, persistent flu-like symptoms and postexertional malaise lasting more than 24 hours.
    - Persistent intractable muscle and joint pain
    - Headaches of a new severity
    - Unrefreshing sleep
    - Sore throat
    - Impaired short term memory and concentration
    - Visual impairments such as focusing
    - Lightheaded and increased fatigue from prolonged standing
    - Dizziness and vertigo
    - Nausea, bloating, indigestion, loss of appetite
    - Confusion
    - Anxiety, and episodes of sadness/ depression.
    - Decreased libido


    - stand or sit upright for more than a few minutes on relatively bad days.

    - perform activities with a schedule, maintain regular attendance, and sustain an ordinary routine.

    - complete a normal workday and workweek without interruption by symptoms and perform at a consistent pace without an unreasonable number and length of rest periods.

    - stand, sit upright, and or concentrate for more than three to four hours on relatively good days. (I have had an average of about 10-12 good days per month for the last 12 months)

    - walk consecutively for more than 15-20 min. on good days

    - walk consecutively for more than a few min. on bad days.

    - drive far distances such as 50 miles or more on good days.

    - drive at all on bad days.

    - lift and or carry heavy objects such as gallons of water or bags of groceries on bad days.

    - see clearly for short moments from dizzy spells on both good and bad days.

    - perform cognitive tasks, such as things involving simple and detailed verbal and or literary instructions on bad days and frequently on good days.

    - focus and concentrate, limiting my ability to read for more than a half hour to an hour on a good day, and no more than a few min. on a bad day.

    - maintain attention and concentrate for extended periods of time.

    - to understand and remember simple and detailed instructions, work procedures, and conversations on bad days and frequently on good days.
  5. justlooking

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    I'm in So Cal and when I first stopped working I applied for State disability. I was on it for a year and then applied for SSDI. Check to see if you qualify for it as it could supplement some income while you are waiting for SSDI. The State disability income is pretty good, about 2/3 of your monthly pay... ***its a little more complicated than that to decide the monthly dollar figure but its a good guide to help you understand about how much you can expect***.

    Stay strong during the process it can be stressful!

  6. mrdad

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    If you are in need of other financial support while your
    application with the Feds is being processed, have you
    attempted to get some County Aid and or Food "Stamps" to
    ease the burden a bit? Just a thought.

  7. joeb7th

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    I was on that for 1 year. Yes, it was helpful.

    But now...nothing.

    I see a neurologist today, but heard fom my Fibromyaligia group that he "never" okays people for SSDI.

    It's a small town. No other neurologists around.

    But I'm hoping that the SSDI people can see with my 100 doctor visits this past year and the thousands of dollars I have paid out for co-pays and the real experiences of head smashing and fainting and brady cardia and diagnosed tendonitis and post traumatic stress and depression and extreme anxiety and torn rotator cuff and broken vertebrea etc....that I am not faking anything here.
  8. justlooking

    justlooking New Member

    Try to see a Rheumatologist at least for a diagnosis, evne if you've been diagnosed by another Dr. That was a requirement when I applied a few years ago. I was originally diagnosed by my PCP but the SSA required an additional diagnosis from a Rheumy. I saw him like 3x, but chose to use a pain specialist and my PCP instead. But the Rheumy DX was crucial for my case.

    As for a Drs help in supporting your application and providing a letter, medical charts, etc, it doesn't have to be a specialist, it can be any type of Dr. even your PCP. My PCP was/is the one to support my SSDI even though I saw/see other Drs as well.

    See if there are any pain clinics in your area. They may be more likely to assist you, if not check the "DOCTORS" list on this site and see if there are any good DRs in your area. Or put a message on the board "looking for SSDI Dr in SF area" and see if someone can help you find a compassionate Dr to assist your application.

    Just a couple of suggestion, someone may have already made those suggestions or you may have already done them but thought I'd put them out there.

    Best of luck
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