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    2 antibiotics, since i had my results of my pylop being removed, the antibiotics has given me diarrea, and i am losing weight that i don't want to lose, for 2 months now. my dr. told me to stop the antibiotics, and see him when he gets back from his lovely vacation.

    i am scared about losing weight and don't know why, and noone can tell me, i have yeast on my tongue. this is no joke, this yeast thing, what can i take to help stop losing so much weight, drs. are no help in this, i took alot of tests, but nothing. i want to get off all drugs, i wish i was healthy....i did scat scan with con trast, cat scan without contrast, for the pelvis, abodem, neck, whole body, and nothing. help.
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    hard on the gut, wipe out good bacteria that you badly need- also do nothing for yeast condition except possibly make it worse (is my understanding). you need holistic doctor overseeing your situation and condition- someone who can test you and suggest course of treatment.

    you need lots of probiotics to counter antibiotics. you really need someone to help you- Western medicine doctor will only prescribe drugs, like antibiotics. you need another approach, i'd say. Sascha
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    unfortunately, my family is blasted with cancer. so, weight gain is always a struggle during chemo, etc...

    we use high protein...high calorie foods, snacks, drinks, shakes.
    peanut butter snacks, crackers...

    whey protein from a health food store helps.
    carnation instant breakfast, ensure....

    if nausa is a problem, there are meds for it or if you live where cannabis/medicinal marijuana is legally prescribed that is your best option.

    good luck.