Just Started Treatment at the Fibro and Fatique Clinic in Denver

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ImDigNiT, Aug 25, 2005.

  1. ImDigNiT

    ImDigNiT New Member

    Hello to all!

    I have been off the boards for a little while but I wanted to share my experience so far with my treatment and hopefully it will help some of you. I came to Denver for my treatment from Florida and had my first appointment this past Wed.

    Everyone at the clinic was very nice and caring. I was examined by the Dr. with the 18 tendor point test along with the usual (BP, Temp, Pulse, breathing etc;).

    Next I was sent to the lab which is in their office at they withdrew 35 vials of blood! And believe it or not I still have more blood that needs to be drawn but the 35 vials were a little over a pint of blood.

    I was not feeling very well when I woke up that day and after they withdrew the blood I was really dizzy and they had to assist me to the rest room.

    Next I had an IV drip with all natural products for nutrients and also for pain.

    The Dr. gave me two scripts I could get filled anywhere: Soma 4xs per day for muscle pain
    Klonipin 1x per day for sleep

    Additionally, they will be sending me three more scripts that were sent to a compounding pharmacy. I forget what they are for but will update you later.

    Posted below are the supplements that were given to me and what they are for:

    Multivitamim/Minerals -to supply what is missing from our fuits and vegetables.

    OrthoOmega - to supply the essential fatty acids which are missing from our meats.

    JarroDophlis - to supply beneficial bacteria to the intestines. These "good" bacteria help us to prevent infections, boost our immune system and aid in good bowel elimination.

    NT Factor - a booster food for the mitochondria to help return our core energy.

    Energy Extract - an herbal supplement designed to quickly give us some energy.

    Oregano Oil complex - to promote a healthy digestive system and remove all of the "yuck" from digestive track.

    Rest and Restore - to promote good sleep (it works very well)

    Release and Renew - Addresses overall discomfort, stiffness and pain.

    Myo Malate - promotes healing to muscular/skeletal.

    I already was taking Cymbalta (60mg) Effexor XR, Xanax, Elavil, Syntest HS (Hormone/Testosterone mix) and Robaxin.

    The Dr. said get rid of Syntest HS as it is usless unless it is in liquid form. And also discontinue Robaxin which was supposed to be a muscle relaxant which really did not do diddly for my anyway and ease of the elavil over the next two weeks then stop altogether. On Yeah, I also am taking Ultram for pain but I don't think it really helps.

    This is day two after the IV Drip and I must say I do feel better. Yesterday and last nite I had the best sleep I have had in years. By Saturday I should have much more energy and stamina.

    I was very impressed with them and now feel there is hope for me. The Dr. said it took you alot of time to get in this fix and it will take a while before they can get me back to the old Marcia.

    Please feel free to ask questions. This is the first time I have actually felt like I am on to something good.

    Peaceful minds and body to all!

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  2. bpmwriter

    bpmwriter New Member

    hi marcia,

    you mentioned they gave you "some" for muscle pain. did you mean to say soma? i'm curious to know what they recommended because i have an appointment at the ffc in atlanta on monday and muscle pain is at the top of my list for discussion points.

    keep us up to date on your progress. hope your relief continues!

  3. ImDigNiT

    ImDigNiT New Member

    Sorry, I meant Soma. Believe me it works so much better than anything I have taken for muscle spasims.

    In fact, that is why I have not been on the boards lately as my shoulders and arms have spasims in them so bad that I can only use the computer for very limited amounts of time.

    I think you will really like the FFC and I hope you will let us know how it goes.

    Peaceful mind and body to all.
  4. nancyneptune

    nancyneptune New Member

    I don't want to be a wet blanket here, I just hope you guys aren't getting your hopes up too high.
    How much does this business cost?! I know it's out of pocket.
    Soma has been around for many years, it doesn't have any magical qualities, and it isn't any stronger than Flexaril, or Sominex. It's usually used for sleep.

    I'm afraid I'm terribly suspicious of so called doctors and practitioners who charge enormous sums of MY money to do do questionable things.
    I don't like insurance companies, they are bullies and won't pay for squat anymore, but SOME of that stuff should be paid for by insurance!
  5. ImDigNiT

    ImDigNiT New Member

    I appreciate your concern. But please know I have tried the other two muscle relaxants you mentioned and they did not set with me well.

    What gives me great hope about the FFC is that there were other patients there who have been going to them for awhile and have had very positive experiences. I can only go by how I fell today compared to Wed. morning and I must say I feel more like a real person today. I know it will take some time to heal but at this point I have to believe that the treatment so far has been a positive experience. I was getting no where fast from being treated from my local phycisians although they were quite understanding.

    You are absolutely correct, those damn insurance companies should be paying for some of these treatments. I believe it is only a matter of time before they start listening to how these treatments are positive and in the long run it will save them money, as I have been referred from one dr to the next which I know cost them lots. Also all the test done through the insurance company costs them plenty.

    Let's cross our fingers!

    Peaceful mind and body to all!

  6. hehmommy

    hehmommy New Member

    I hope this works for you. Everyone has to find their own way of coping and if this helps then great. Keep us updated. I was out driving the other day and saw a pain clinic. I was curious what they are all about.I don't know if I could handle that much blood-goodness. They would be picking me off the floor.

    Trish :)
  7. rileyearl

    rileyearl New Member

    I'm so glad to read about your experience at the Denver FFC. I'm fairly new here and have been following the FFC reports closely. I've made an appointment at the Seattle center for 8/31. Dncnfngrs helped me decide to do that.

    About the cost, I don't think it will be any more than the $30 dollar copays and multiple labs and tests that I would spend over time for less careful scrutiny. It's really a bargain for me, since I'm newly diagnosed and haven't already spent a pile of money on trying to figure it out. But, of course, that's a personal decision for each person to make. I'm 52 and don't want to spend too much time waiting to feel better. I can't think of a better place to run up my credit card bills.

    I'm especially looking forward to learning how to sleep again. I haven't slept more than 2-3 hours in a row for at least two years. And if it makes the pain I've had in my legs subside--even for awhile, I will be thrilled. My 4 yo son will be happy to have Mom back to play with--some grumpy woman has been pretending to be Mom all summer.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your treatment and how you are doing with it. Thanks so much!

  8. ImDigNiT

    ImDigNiT New Member

    I went to the Denver clinic because we just moved my daughter up here in February and my son was invited by my daughter to join her. So, for me it allows me to stay at no cost as long as I need to and also gives me a good excuse to be with my babies (LOL).

    Because I can stay with her, it saves me lots of money and I can get the benefits of being able to get the IVs more often.

    Also, I agree with the rest of your post and appreciate your input.

    I will continue to post on FFC and my experience while I am here and thereafter. I will be here until probably Sept 25 or so. Only problem is I so miss my hubby of 24 years and my critters. But hey, I have email and a free mobile family plan so I get to speak with my husband and mom daily.

    Peaceful mind and body to all!

    P.S. Denver is the bomb, if my husband was not a long term employee with the State of Florida I would move here in a heartbeat.
  9. kbak

    kbak Member

    I'm doing the long distance treatment with FFC Denver. I live up in WY. I suffered way to long before I went there. The only things I can't do is the I.V. treatments, because I don't want to travel 6 hrs. once a week to do that.

    Unless your being treated with a naturopath, you will not get a regular doc anywhere to treat you with alternatives. I do almost all alternatives. They have been very knowledgeable of the alternatives, and how to use them. That is the biggest plus for me in being treated by them. They are a wonderful blend of tradional and alternative medicine.

  10. sleepyinlalaland

    sleepyinlalaland New Member

    these clinics and they could revolutionize treatment for fatigue disorders. Not to mention, lend credibility for those who've had to bear the burden of BLAME (insult on top of injury!) for their condition.

    I've also always kinda felt sorry for "regular doctors" who've had to deal with us....this is just too outside their more well-defined (and treatable) list of ailments for them to deal with. So, a clinic ESPECIALLY for our ailments started by folks intimately aware of the syndrome is so refreshing. I plan to go when my S.S. backpay finally comes in!

    One thing I wonder about...the IV's. Everyone seems to be feeling quickly better after having them, but how long are they necessary for? Anyone been OFF of them for awhile and still feeling much better? Probably the clinics are too new for anyone to report long-term results, but I am curious about those IV's (and their ingredients).
  11. laura81655

    laura81655 New Member

    I love to hear all of the Positive remarks concerning the FFC's. My traditional doctor is very kind, but does not no Squat about alternative treatments.

    I am on 50 mg. of Elavil. Why is the doctor taking you off of it? Hope you don't mind me asking? Thanks....
  12. ImDigNiT

    ImDigNiT New Member

    Pease feel free to ask questions, heck ya'll might have questions that I can bring to the table for my next appointmet.

    For those who have questions that I have not responded to yet...I will post answers later in the day.

    Peaceful Minds and body!
  13. ImDigNiT

    ImDigNiT New Member

    They took me off elavil because I was using them for sleep and instead gave me klonopin as I also have restless leg syndrome.

    Now maybe I can loose some weight! Besides the Elavil was not helping me to sleep.

    Peaceful mind and body to all!
  14. kierkegaardsson

    kierkegaardsson New Member

    "Rest and Restore - to promote good sleep (it works very well)"

    what is this?
  15. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    So glad you are getting help! I am so encouraged by my experience. just remember it may take some time to get better and you may feel worse before you get better!

    Nancy Neptune- I will echo what dancing Fingers said and I will add that with all due respect you have never been to a clinic and you have no idea what they do. Everything they treat you with is being done by other Drs. Everything they have suggested or prescribed I have checked out very thouroughly with a Dr.

    I have yet to meet or talk to one person who is not getting better or who is unhappy with the treatment. If you get any hard evidence please present it.

    By the way my insurance pays for all of the lab work and 60% of my visits. I pay $25 dollor copay on prescriptions. I do pay for the supplements out of pocket. It has been worth every penny I am getting my life back.

    \Good Luck Lynn
  16. ImDigNiT

    ImDigNiT New Member

    The Rest and resotre is a supplement and contains the following:
    GABA 600mg
    Varian Root 425 mg.
    Scullcap 250 mg.
    Passion Flower 200 mg.
    Chamonile 100 mg
    L-Thereonine 100 mg.
    5_HTP 75 mg.
    Melatonin 3mg

    Also keep in mind I take Klonopin at bedtime as well.

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