Just Starting Out with CFS

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    HI. I am hoping y'all can help me. I have been sick for years now, I have had terrible EPV flair ups 2 times in the past 10 months. My Dr keeps telling me to rest rest and rest some more and that at our age (early 30s!) it takes more time to recoup. It isn't helping. I have already lost my job and feel like a failure as a mother and wife because of my inability to live a normal life. I have changed my diet, the nutritionist says i eat healthier than her, quit smoking and drinking (8 months now), and tried to exercise as much as my body will allow me. Taking a shower wears me out. I'm lucky if I can fall asleep with the pain. I think I have had maybe 30 good days in the past 2 years. I have made an appointment with an internal specialist who's information I got from a list linked to the CDC website. I can't get in until the 29th. Can anyone please help guide the path ahead of me?
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    There is a good ME/Chronic Fatigue board here that has good people with lots of information and I'm sure they would be the people you'll want to get in touch with to discuss this. Good luck