Just stressed out and over tired.

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  1. rosemarie

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    I took my mom to the ER tonight for a suspected case of celluitis. She was given antibitoices by IV and wil need another dose this evening. It was a really long wait to night and MOm was in so much pain , but they did n't give her any pain meds as she has some Lortab 10 that don't really help with the pain that she already has.

    Me I am flaring I fear. I have not been to my water arobices class for 2 nights as I just don't haev any energy to do them. So I called my doctor and was told that it is better for me to be doing the class I am which is in the deep end of the pool as there is not wieght being put on any one part of my body and NO IMPACT on my joint where there is in the shallow end of the pool.

    But I have been hurting more and more and feeling so fatiqued all the time and if it were not for the car alarms that keep me awake I would sleep all day long. I Love across the street from a popular Cafe'` I am right across from teh PARKING LOT and it seems that every one has a car alarm and that they go off in a random order with out any one touching the car.

    The nocie from the alarms is so loud that it hurts me and makes me sick to my stomcahe. I am in so much pain to day that just walking around has been hard to do.

    Then add the stress from MOM being sick and her being worried and not remembering when it was the last time she was sick and how long it was thatshe was on IV antibitoic;s. For sure she can't rememember things and it is harder for her to remember what has hahppened to her.

    It is hard to take care of my self and to just keep up on the things I need to do to take care of me and then I have to be sure that MOM gets help when she needs it and to help her to remember to take her pain meds on a scheudle to see if they will work them. But she thinks that you only take them when your in pain not to prevent pain from getting worse.

    I am so sleepy and fatiqued all the time and will end up slleeping till noon today as I have not gone to bed at a decient time of night. I hurt , ache, burn, sting. you name ti I feel it and I am so stired of feeling like this. I am so sleepy that I fall alseep at the drop of oa hat. And I am at my wits end as to what to do and how to get my MOM better pain relief.

    Doctor is ok with it but her oldest granddaughter is not and has threatened to take her drivers lience away if MOm takes anything like MOorphine as she thninks that MOM will be out of it all the time and no on will ever no how she will react if she does not take it to find out.

    I am so irrated with narrow mined people who don't belive in taking pain meds that can help them just because they assume that they will become addicted to them.OR in my mom's case that my daguther will take her diriver's liencs away and that would really upset her. And I jut wnat her to have a easyier time with pain.

    I don't know what to do about it? I am so worried aobut her and what to do. And now that I am flaring I am so exhusted that I cant think straight.

    Sorry for the confusing post.
    Rosemarie[This Message was Edited on 08/19/2006]
  2. Cromwell

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    I do think that even water exercise can cause a flare. We have to be very creative with exercise for sure. Walk for ten minutes, Water exercise for five minutes, rest for a while, then another five. What is OK for arthritis(most water exercise) can cause muscle flares in us.

    I am sorry about your mom.

    I hope you all feel better soon. Take it easy, just baby steps...

    Love Anne Cromwell
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    i have been going through very much the same thing with my aunt. she is failing and being hospitalized regularly. i was the one doing almost all the support work (since last fall, ever since i came back from caring for my sister who died after a three-year battle with ovarian cancer)- transporting, taking care of her apartment, spending hours in the hospital (sometimes in Emergency undtil midnight), taking her to dr. appointments, etc etc. on and on and on. meanwhile, i had no life; couldn't take care of my own needs.
    i have CFIDS and everytime my aunt went down and i was the one being there for her, i crashed royally. it was awful. when it became clear this wasn't a passing crisis, but was how things would be from now on, i called her two far-away daughters to come and take over. the first thing i told them was that outside services were needed because i could no longer provide the help my aunt needs.
    meanwhile i withdrew and tried to get my health back on track. YES it takes ALL our resources to keep ourselves on track, and once off track it is a miserable experience to endure. i went way off-track- felt like i was about to experience a stroke. my head was killing me. this feelikng that my head was going to explode happened after more than 5 weeks had gone by with my aunt's daughters here and i found out they hadn't done ANYTHING toward getting in city services to help with my aunt once they were gone. i just couldn't bear it. no one had listened to me.

    point is- you need help. there is no shame in that. don't push yourself beyond endurance to take care of your mom. get help. figure out the exact maximum you can do. if you can get an ally- someone who knows your limitations and can speak for you in this case (if possible).

    my brilliant son went to a family meeting and said 'consider my mom gone- she cannot be involved anymore' i honestly thought i was losing my mind and life over this; especially with no one listening to me. i talked my needs over so clearly with particularly one of the daughters, but they didn't hear me at all. on the eve of the second daughter's departure, my aunt went back into the emergency room. did they think i had been making this all up????? the second daughter extended her stay by one week.

    take care of yourself. be very firm and clear about this. that's my advice. and report back! best to you, sascha
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    but I didn't learn alot. It seems to me that you had children living at home. Perhaps it's time for you and DH to sit down and make out a list of household chores and split things up. It took me a long time to learn that I must take care of myself. Believe me, no one else is going to do it.

    As for your mother. My mother had alzheimers and lived with us. We've been through the things you're describing. Would your daughter be satisfied if your mother gave you her car keys to hold until she has tried the morphine to see how she will react.

    It would be a compromise, but I am happy to see that your daughter has that much interest in grandma and that she is concerned about drugs. Too many young people today will take anything.

    Try to rest.



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