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  1. SharonR630

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    The doctor I have been going to just served me with papers from a collection agency for a missed appointment, for the entire amount, 174.65.
    I have spent several thousand dollars, over and above insurance, with this guy alone, trying to find an answer to problems dealing with Fibromyalgia.
    When I called to cancel it was on a Friday evening, my appointment was on Tuesday morning, but my mother had to have surgery out of state. I was told that they required 48 hours, (work week).
    How in the world are you supposed to manage your life when unexpected occurances pop up, particurly with the stress factor skyrocketing and creating flares of gigantic proportion.
    Don't these doctors know they are contributing to the problems one already is experiencing?
    I feel like a cash cow,and thru this type of experience,am slowly losing my faith in humanity.
    I have only seen this doctor once, the 10 or more visits has been his massage therapist, his nutritionist, his blood profiler, blah, blah, blah.
    I am going to find a natural healer, licensed or otherwise, who may at least be interested in me as a person.
    Since that's what I am paying for anyway, why not go directly to the source?
    Just totally disgusted with the medical community.
    What incredible egotist!
  2. kgg

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    Have you tried calling and talking to the office manager? If not, I would explain that you have spent a lot of money in that office and unless they cancel this bill, that you are going elsewhere. They really don't want to lose business. They might give you a break. But you are right. And I sound like a broken record but THE SYSTEM IS BROKEN!!

    Hope your day improves. . . -Karen
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    I've had to cancel many appointments, sometimes with less than an hour's notice, plus I've even slept through or forgotten some completely! I've never, EVER been charged, and I believe that most doctors don't think this is a good practice, nor does it encourage good doctor/patient relationships. The doctor has nothing to do with billings, this would be in the hands of his office manager. I'm sure your doctor is completely unaware and would have this nonsense dropped if you clued him in.

    P.S. That 48 hours, (work week) notice is a bunch of crap!! No way should they EVER, EVER count the weekend. What garbage. Now that really makes me mad...

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  4. MiahRoo

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    There are far too many doctors out there who don't see us as people. They see symptoms with wallets. I'd certainly give his office a call and let them know how upset you are. I've been there. Sadly there was nothing I could do about the 75 dollar fee they stuck me with. I've lost a lot of faith in doctors over the years. I'm sure you all know how that feels.
  5. dolsgirl

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    that notifying his service the Friday evening before your Tuesday appointment is quite enough notice. I'd let him know that & let the BBB know also. He's a schmuck! dolsgirl
  6. Nikki

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    That's absolutely ridiculous. I would write a letter immediately to the accounting office (w/a cc to the Coll.Agency) and explain you had an emergency situation with your mother's surgery. And mention all the rest . . . about being a long term patient who has always paid her bills, yada, yada, yada. Tell them to file this letter in your record . . . send the letter Return Receipt Requested (to the coll agency, too).

    I've had to cancel numerous appts for my mom at the last minute . . . sometimes b/c she's gotten sick right before an appt, etc. And, I've never been billed for the missed appt. Most drs. overbook all the time anyway. How many times have you spent 2 hrs in the waiting room b/c they're running behind?

    Good Luck................sharon
  7. jadibeler

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    Some doctors do still charge for missed appts, but I think you gave plenty of notice.

    The really incredible thing is that he sent your account to a collection agency without sending you a bill and at least 2 monthly statements and late notices! And I'm sorry, but I don't believe for one minute that the dr. himself isn't behind this. I worked for a dr. who only thought about money - he would treat people for calluses on their metatarsals for years but the minute they where on medicare he decided he'd just take and X-ray and, well my goodness, look at that - you need surgery. He would bill in a heartbeat for cancelled appointments, even though we were told to deliberately book 3 people into one slot.

    Be careful about not paying the bill - the fact that he has sent the bill to a collection agency means that the next step (for the coll. agency) is to slap it on your credit report. Send them $5/mo.

  8. Dee33K

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    I can understand your point of view and I can also understand the Drs point of view. Technically the Drs office was not notified until Monday regarding your cancellation. If the service took the call on Fri evening the message was not delivered until Monday. Monday mornings in a Drs office are horrendous. They are spent talking to emergencies and catching up from the weekend. Paperwork from the week before and such. If you have not worked in a Drs office you would not understand. You have compliant patients and non-compliants and everywhere in between. So if the policy is 48 hours notice then they are trying to stick to poicy. By the time they retrieved your message it may have even been less than 12. Doesn't make it seem fair but if they had a LOT of that going on with a LOT of patients during that period of time it may be that the Dr decided that he needed to become firm about his decision. if may not be you at all. It may be an "across the board" decision for policy. Does that make sense? Sometimes it just has to be an office policy decision to avoid confusion in scheduling because otherwise you wind up with a terribly hectic day and patients suffer the consequences. I know, been there done that.