Just take the freakin' box!!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by painterZ, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. painterZ

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    Ok...I'm in the midst of a really bad bout of PMS. My poor body is so out of wack and when I do enter a "normal cycle" (which is extremely rare for me-TG!) it's pretty bad.

    Early this morning I happened to be outside when the gentlemen came around to pick up the recycling. It was "paper day" and I had set out two large paper bags stuffed to the top and a cardboard box filled with the box lids interlocking to keep the paper from flying away.

    The one gentleman picked up the bags and threw them into the truck and then walked away heading to my neighbors house. I shouted out "Hey there...you forgot this (picking up the box). His response, "Sorry lady, all paper must be put in a paper bag."
    "Ummm, it's a box...you want it in a bag?"
    "Sorry...that's the rules."
    "You mean I have to break up this gi-normous box and put it in a bag because ""that's the rules?"" "You're just throwing all of that crap in the back of the truck, who's going to pick up this box and say that some lady didn't follow the rules?"
    I'm really getting amped up at this point. "You want a freakin' bag you stay there until I find you a freakin' bag!!" I'm sure my head eyes were buggin' out and I was probably even frothing at the mouth by this time.
    I went inside and found the tinest little bag I could and and stuffed a corner of the now broken down box into the bag.
    "There the freakin' box is in the freakin' bag so you can take it away!!"
    "Ok lady...calm down...we'll take the box...geez."

    So lookin' back at the event I was just a tad out of control but that'll teach them to mess with a women in the throws of PMS and being peri-menopausal AND who hadn't even consumed her first cup of coffee yet :)


  2. rockgor

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    We are always being encouraged to think outside the box.

  3. victoria

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    for being that restrained AND recycling at all! I am not sure I'd have the memory to sort it all as I went! My county didn't have it at all so it wasn't a problem...

    Just think tho, I'll bet you helped make them be a bit nicer to everybody else on their route after you. Just in case someone else hadn't had their coffee yet!

    Now, I'm wondering about what your coffee tastes like... since you recycle....

    Ed Begley Jr: Honey, this coffee tastes like dirt.

    Rachel: Well dear, I no longer think you're crazy about recylcling - I am happy to announce it was just ground this morning!

    (ROFL, Rock...)

  4. 4everkid

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    I guess he finally decided to take the box cause he didn't want to hassle with the old bag.

    Sorry... I couldn't resist a bit of bag humor, after Rock's box joke.

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  5. painterZ

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    you guys are hilarious! Thanks for the smile this morning:)

  6. Greenbean7

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    The PMS isn't all that bad as long as you aren't on your way to the store for chocolate and hollow point bullets!

  7. painterZ

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    The other day I was craving steamed shrimp. Typically I won't allow myself to indulge but I couldn't help it. They were great, but missing something...CHOCOLATE SYRUP. Eewww...that makes me gag now but it was great at the time :)