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    ok I've had a VERY bad week and I'm getting really close to loosing it! any advise for coping?

    heres what happened: I take medical care of my 93yr old grandmother with severe dementia and she had an angina attack and had to be rushed to the hosp( due to her health issues she's been given 1 year to live) needless to say I ledfooted it from work to the hosp, then a while later my pregnate daughter showed up for support and soon was doubled over in pain they rushed her into a room across the er did some tests ( I was running between rooms in the cold hosp with no jacket) 6 hours later my grandma was ready to go home and my daughter had been told that she needed to follow up with her obgyn due to a "cyst" in her utras. and was sent home.

    friday I went to work in pain from the stress and cold of the night before and low and behold I lost my airway and had to be rushed tohthe hosp by ambalence from work ( a bit dramatac I thought)

    then tues my daughter was called by her obgyn and told that there was something wrong with the baby and to report to a high risk dr on wends and show up 1 hour before her appt for counceling. (SCARY!!!!!) we did and we got the shock of our lives. after tests the dr's determined that the baby ( a girl YIPPIE) has a cystic something or other (hysop baby) on her neck and that means that she either has downs syndrome or turners syndrome okay freaking out now the ultrasound also showed that there might be a problem with her (baby) heart and that she is at least 3 weeks to small for her due date.

    Trying to be strong for MY baby while her baby is in need is a bit much. my son in law is overseas serving our country. Her mother in law keeps telling her that the dr's are wrong they dont know whats up and she does because of HER research on the internet ( she's a bus driver for goodness sakes and not a dr!) tThey did and amneo on her and well get the results in 10 days. so far one of the longest waits in my life. and she still has an 80% chance of loosing the baby even after she's born/

    I'v been crying off and on and getting a bit edgy I don't want to completly break down in fromt of my daughter but I'm not as unemotional as her monster in law ( who says people with children and are preg can do it all and dont need help.... WRONG!!!!!)

    It's 5 am ca time I've been up crying and cant sleep sence 3 my body hurts my IBS is crazy , my hives are coming back. I've got a case of shingles started on my head ....I WANT MY MOMMY!!!!!
    I have to go to work on mon and pretend ( in front of patients) everything is ok and its not. I"ve eaten so much choc icecream and cried in the floor with my daughter i've gained 10lbs already


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    My heart breaks for you i am so very sorry that you and your family are going threw so much pain. It's great that your there for your daughter to support her threw this most difficult time in her life your never to old to need your mother! She is blessed to have you, i know i will always be there for my son he is my whole heart and he comes before anyone.

    I really wish i could help you in some way but all i can do is put you and your dear family in my prayers. I pray everything turns out good, miricles do happen and the power of prayer is wonderful.

    I just wanted you to know your not alone try to keep being strong sweetie, i can only imagine how difficult this has been for you of coarse all this stress would make your pain worse. MY thoughts and prayers are with you, i wish you the best. Tammy
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    I am so sorry you all are having to go through this. I/m not sure if want to here all of those words of encouragement "If God brings you to it He will bring you through it" or if you just us to listen and pray, which I will do right,

    But please please know - some of us have been there - and it hurts, take a moment and ask Nim to carry thi, because He will.


  4. jrose

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    I'm so sorry to hear about all your family's health problems. I'm praying that your daughter's baby will be ok.I'm hoping that you all will feel better soon. Hang in there. Sorry can't give you any coping advice except maybe try to "get away" a few minutes each day by meditating or listening to some relaxing music.jrose

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