Just tired of being in pain

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by selma, Jun 12, 2003.

  1. selma

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    Your Prayers have helped me so much. I've been known as paranoid and have tried almost everything for the FM.

    I went to Dr. today & thought I shouldn't ask for anything stronger. Soo here I am forgetting to bring the meds with me and just took them. I tried to find a sleep # bed & the pain was so bad no bed worked. and the tingling of the electricity of the bed or just the FM. I know I must be crazy.
    I need to talk to my lawyer tomorrow as to why I haven't been able to work. How can I put 17 years of pain into words. 17 years of looking for an answer.
    I lean on God and I hope that He'll carry me through this.
    Please, pray for an answer. I can't take much more.
    I don't come to the boards much and I know many of you have greater needs of prayer and I pray every night that you will find the answers to your prayers.
    God bless you all. I'm trying to learn why this thing
    Love and Huggs, Selma
    I edited this since the 2 oxycontin are starting to work.
    I'm very blessed that YOU are here. Just knowing that and feeling your love have made me stronger tonight.
    Thank-You (Plural)

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  2. selma

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    I have added you to mine. God Bless you. Love, Selma
  3. Shirl

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    Have already prayed for you, and for a goodnights sleep.

    I hope and pray you get some real relief soon.

  4. selma

    selma New Member

    I know that God heard your prayers. Thank-you.
    I took 2 oxy with the ultram & tylenol this afternoon.
    I was able to watch and even pick a few low apples on our tree with my grandson. What fin. The apples were mostly green but very sweet. Then when they went home I litterally couldn't move. I know that you all know how that is. But, I know that's what we have to do.
    I REALLY NEED TO LEARN TO PACE MYSELF and not let my body pace me. My Love and Prayers, Always, Selma
  5. psalmlady

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    understand your pain-and God knows all about it too. Jesus felt every pain that we suffer, when He hung on that cross.
    We can always know, if no one else on this earth understands fully-He does. He loves you so my friend.

    Let me share this one little thing with you,please.
    With Fibro, I believe each one has their own pain. Mine is so bad in my legs. There have been times where I have to crawl up my stairs ( I do this when I am alone) and as I do this, I reach out to Jesus and ask Him to - please, take my hand. Ooooh so many times I have felt His hand in mine and this I know ... He loves us all so very, very much. Just knowing this helps us to make it through another day. And another, and another, and another ... Glory to His name!
    Love and hugs to you!
  6. stilhere

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    Hi Selma,
    As I check the boards I see your name everyday and wonder how you are, you are constantly on my mind and prayers, being sick and in pain is hard enough, but when you add financial problems that gets to you emotionally too and I feel for you as I am still going through those problems myself, I went to the doctor too telling him I'm sick of the pain that I'm sick of the pain medication he gives me, (I have been on vicoden since 1999), I hate the fog and what comes with it, plus it only numbs the corners of the pain, he told me that he wishes he could give me more but medicare and state medicaid won't cover alot here in california, that I could have a better quality of life if I had insurance..well of course that put me in another depression, so I asked him for a prescription of pain medication that is not addictive like those other drugs, he agreed but said I would have to pay for it, well for one months supply its $120, of money that I don't have, so in the meantime, I'm back to narcotic drugs, that I hate, but we know God is good and that he loves us and that he is the great Healer and that he is carrying us and is also in tears with us, I know things will get better for us both, its just hard going through all this rigamarole...
    You are in my thoughts and prayers

    In Christ &
  7. stilhere

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    Bumping up for selma...: )
  8. stilhere

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    I continue to lift you up to the Lord and ask that he continue to hold you and love you. I ask the wonderful Lord to give you the comfort that He is in control and to remind you that he loves us like no other, Oh Lord we thank you so much for just being our God and being so great...
    In Christ name
  9. kar1953

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    Am sending one up for you. I noticed you said you didn't know how much more you could take. When I was at my lowest I said the same thing. A friend of mine sent me an email & within it was the phrase "If God put the burden on you, he will see you through". That came at a time when I really needed it. I hope it gives you a little comfort too.

    Take care.....Kathi