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  2. Denamay

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    You most likely are not lazy, if you were in fact being lazy, you would'nt care.

    Crazy? Whatever that is?

    Maybe like so many of us you are ill.

    I too have to pace myself and rest a lot.

    Someone asked me the other day "what do you do?"

    I had to stop and think for a moment and came up with the answer "nothing".

    Please do not be so hard on yourself.
    Cheers Denamay
  3. neldwn2me

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  4. brit_17759

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    No, your not crazy, your sick like the rest of us here. so don't be so hard on yourself. Like you I feel tired whether I sleep or not. And have to do the house work in spurts as I get tired easily. In the beginning I got so frustrated (still do at times), not being able to do everything I had done before this DD. I know its hard, but we can only do what we are able to do. We have to remember that if we overdo things then we can end up paying for it for days afterwards.

  5. Hasbeen

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    If you're lazy or crazy I am too. I know how you feel. I wish some people could walk in my shoes for about 1 week. Maybe they would treat me a little different then. Let's keep our head up and take it a day at a time. With the good lord's help we'll make it.
  6. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I am severely fatigued all the time.

    In fact, I have severe fatigue + severe pain all the time.

    I'm not lazy, or crazy, just hurting!
  7. Grailgoddess

    Grailgoddess New Member

    Like everyone else said, you're tired. And you have a right to be! You're ill!

    I'm like you in that I am still waaaaaaay too hard on myself - but that only makes it worse. I still get beyond frustrated about being dead tired all the time! I still get furious about being too tired to breathe! And I get worried sometimes it won't get better - but the way it DOES get better is:
    1. Be nurturing and loving to myself
    2. Be nurturing and loving to myself, and
    3. Be nurturing and loving to myself.
    If that doesn't work, a good cry usually reminds me of the wisdom I'd overlooked too long, which is:
    To be nurturing and loving to myself.

    Please do yourself the loving so many of us were slow to own, don't worry about if you're lazy, crazy, daisy, or paisley - just KNOW you ARE what you ARE - and because you are on this site, I know you ARE doing the very best you can. Some days our best makes us happier than other days, some days our best seems so tiny; but our best IS our best.

    Forget what "others may think". Trust yourSelf. Love and Nurture yourSelf. You deserve it! Hugs!

    Bless ~
  8. jaltair

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    I am having real difficulty now just completing a day at work. As a matter of fact, I've worked up a "plan" to allow me to be off about 4 to 6 hours per day for one week to see if that helps. What happens is that I work up until about noon and then become so fatigued that a migraine will begin and I'll feel generally really ill. I will get nauseated, be totally aching all over and the myofascial pain will be terrible. I've had to leave work this past week early every day.

    I'm only hoping that the agency I work for will allow me to do this. My direct supervisor told me that FMLA doesn't cover partial days. I tried to explain that I would be taking only sick days as I still have some left.

    Also, it seems that if left alone, I could sleep forever. When I do come home at about 1 or 2 P, I'll sleep until hubby gets home about 6 or 7, get up and then go back to bed about 11 P and sleep all night. If it's a weekend, I sleep easily over 12 hours, and then up for 2 to 3 and then back to sleep.

    Being tired is one of my biggest struggles right now. I've always been a hyperactive work-a-holic. My husband cannot believe the physical changes in me over the past 4 years. Not necessarily physically noticeable, I've been told that I look fine, but the other changes in being able to do anything. Even my mind is having trouble. You have to understand that I have always loved being active, have loved my job, etc. etc. This is so unusual.

    I don't know, I'm going to be having a sleep study soon. Maybe there will be a reason for my fatigue. The doctor just tells me it's the FMS / CFS. She is definitely saying I have CFS now. It's an official diagnosis on her record. I guess I'm just trying to figure out if there is anything else that could be causing this miserable fatigue!

    By the way, I've tried the Provigil with very bad results. Can't go there anymore to find help with the fatigue.
  9. hubby

    hubby New Member

    I feel like I have just had it after all the years of doing for others, and working and all that, and decided I was going to rest finally when I got hurt with my back. I have gotten used to it, read and don't do anything and haven't for a couple of years, that did not require an act of God to get ambition and some kind of endergy to get going.

    I am at even a lower point in my life than I have ever been with very big life changes in the last 2 yrs, and they continue. It takes me longer to get back out of bed and basically I haven't for any lenght of time for a yr now.

    I just wonder when it is day in day out, one thing or another that is hurting, or I am just exhausted have I really just become lazy??!!

    My husband has been good and sympathetic but I feel this slipping and it doesn't help me as I am slipping in his world, with no say about anything, so I feel like a child that will just stay in bed and let him handle things.

    He is finally getting tired of it, and I think it will come to a head sooner or later. I cannot fight with him anymore and left him last yr because I realize that it makes my stress worse, just like crying, and then my problems.

    He has also realized this and has set back and done all himself. Now he is geting older, tired of being the only one doing things, and making decisions, though he doesn't take mine, but now he has had his back hurting for almost a yr now, the man that said he couldn't stand it hurting for months, little lone yrs, like I have dealt with all my pain.

    So his pain is making him less socialble with me, and with patches he just keeps right on working outside the house doing renews, and I barely see him. I get up and he is somewhere on our property and I go back to bed. It has changed his personality and now I think he knows where I have gone.

    I just am about to give up, if I am going to be alone it might as be alone and not feeling guilty, or anything. He makes sure he doesn't miss any social engagements, and I do, because I am getting more and more agorphophic or pained, or ill, or something.

    I would just as soon stay in bed, or in my house and read than to try and deal with this, and try and get my muscles that have never been so unconditioned before, back to rights. Everytime I try to do anything like work, even with rest, that night I get charlie horses so bad everywhere in my body, I think I will die with them.

    So am I lazy, do I just blame all on not feeling well because I do not want to maintain anymore? I think that though I have received disaility from the states, permanent, at 48 and I am 56 and have never had to requalify so I must be sick. I didn't have a lawyer and they approved first time. There are other sicknesses as well they disabled me on, but one is Fibro and Csf.

    I agree what do we do just act lazy, be lazy, pretend we don't hurt anymore, or what, as I have had pain of some kind all my life and with a lot of emotional stuff lately it has become unbearable to just live quietly. Is that what I want, right now it is, but I long for a life, and a say in my life.

    sorry so long
  10. Mareeok

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    You have CFS and/or FM? Give yourself permission to stop 'doing' when you can't 'do'. Hey, I'll give you permission to stop 'doing'. LOL. You have a sickness that needs attention. If you push too hard it will push back with a vengence. 'Do' whatever and whenever you can and leave the rest for another time. Take care of YOU because you are special.

    Heart hugs,
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  12. lovethesun

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    Who wouldn't be having to drag their legs all day long because they don't work well.My husband says I do too much and put myself in a flare(we're talking just clearing the table here.)the bad part is sometimes he's right.I just want to do my part.Linda
  13. rbecca47

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    you are not crazy or lazy, i think we all can relate to that. on a good day (far and few). i try to get things done, that i feel need to be. and try to carry my wieght around here. My sons all tell me i am doing to much.and ofcourse they are right. but i feel like i am just being lazy. or useless. since i one time i could work circles around these boys LOL. now they do all the work, i just instruct. so i am the supervisor at my house. sit and give orders LOL.
  14. NyroFan

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    I doze off duing the day. Sleep studies are good.
    A gal and I have had the tests done and they are more worth while than you thinK about it. Whatever you do....good luck.
  15. MaryCecelia

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    I just wanted to say you're not alone. I feel the way you describe.
  16. pmarenghi

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    Hi Brit
    What does DD stand for in your reply ? My doctor told me Fibro was known as the "Dirty Diagnosis".... I was wondering if that was what you are referring to ??

    I have only been diagnosed for a week after 7 months of hell.

  17. rockgor

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    I have all the energy of a chewed-up toothpick.

    I used to be a perfectionist and a workaholic. Worked full time; put in unpaid overtime; went to law school at night; had energy for a social life. About age 40 it all caught up w/ me.

    Haven't had much energy for the last 25 years. Worked part-time. The last 2 years I worked 2 hours a day, sometimes not even that.

    I keep looking for a magic bullet. Am currently trying sublingual B vitamins. So far they have had no more effect than M&Ms.

    I know I am not lazy because I remember how I used to be.
    Somebody recommended ATP-20 tablets. That's next on my to-try list. I have read of spontaneous cures for CFS. Could certainly use one here.

    If I find anything helpful I will post it in capital letters RIGHT HERE ON THIS BOARD.

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