Just told I have Myofacial or trigger points....Need Info

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    I was just told that I have trigger points. I have a form of arthritis (Reiters Syndrome) and many many other health issues. I have had pain that was written off to Arthritis and a physical therapist found a trigger point and when he was done I could acutally move my arm. I need any info that you can send me.

    Thanks, Graden
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    Devin Starlanyl is an MD who has FM & MPS. All of her books are well worth reading. I bought mine on eBay, but wish now that I had spent the little extra for the new version.
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    The "bible" of myofascial trigger points was written by Janet Travell so I would suggest you take a look at her book as well; however, in reality it is longer than the Bible and is really detailed. I wouldn't suggest buying the book but maybe scanning a few pages to get an idea of what trigger points are and how they are treated. They are essentially hypercontractions of small or large groups of muscle fibers that can feel like little knots to the touch. They are extremely sensitive and can limit motion. They can be treated with massage, stretch, electrical stimulation (by a physical therapist) and even injection (although this is more controversial and takes a very skilled MD). Heat and then stretching is one of the best things that you can do on your own, but you should consult a PT for more specific stretches, etc.

    Good Luck,
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    This comes straight from her website. She is in fact an MD, although she is not practicing medicine at this time.


    Q. Who is Devin Starlanyl?

    A. Devin’s formal medical training was in emergency room medicine. She also has experience in hospice work, 4 years in local public health, 8 years as technical director of Chemdex, Inc. pharmaceutical manufacturing including work with FDA setting up bioavailability studies and research task force with Hans Selye (Father of Stress Medicine), Emergency Planner for Vermont Yankee Nuclear (ER and local emergency drills, special needs programme, etc.). Devin did early research in the field of tissue culture, infectious disease and astrobiology. What Devin learned about FMS and CMP was acquired after formal schooling was over — after the "FMS and CMP" degrees. Devin has completed many hours of Continuing Medical Education credits in FMS, CMP and related medical topics. Through this, Devin has had the help of mentor David G. Simons, co-author of the definitive texts on myofascial medicine with Janet G. Travell (JFK’s White House physician). Devin is also an Episcopal lay minister (VT), a Mensa member, and a t’ai chi player.

    Devin is not in medical practice, but is the facilitator of a local support group (since 1993) and a consultant on the FIBROM-L Internet listserv support group. Besides numerous articles in FMS and related newsletters, these are some of her relevant publications:

    Starlanyl DJ and Copeland ME. 2001. Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain: A Survival Manual. Edition 2. Oakland: New Harbinger Publications.

    Shankland, Wesley E. 2000. The Challenge of Facial Pain Columbus: AOmega Publishing Co. Columbus. Chapter 10: Fibromyalgia, Myofascial Pain Syndrome and Orofacial Pain by Devin J. Starlanyl.

    Starlanyl DJ. 1999. The Fibromyalgia Advocate. Oakland: New Harbinger Publications.

    Starlanyl DJ. 1997. Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome: A Guide to the Trigger Points. Oakland: New Harbinger. 2 hour video.
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    Right on! She ROCKS! Her book has changed my life! The Simmons and Travell books are big medical texts ... I think they are great but duanting to the average joe. Another great book about trigger points is
    "The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook: Your Self-Treatment Guide for Pain Relief" by Clair Davies. This will cost you about 14 bucks and is an easy read ... very informative. I would also recommend the purchase of a Theracane to work on the trigger points at home, as well as the help you get from your PT. Hugs,
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    is fantastic. I can't even list all the places that I got pain relief from from following that book. There are specific diagrams - a very "do it yourself" book. It is so good and informative I think every family should have a copy right along with their first aid kit. Nothing has helped me with fibro more than the trigger point book. JO Ellen