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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Oct 18, 2005.

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    This is getting not good. I am so sleepy that if I sit down in the chair or lay on the couch I will doze off and i am not asleep but in this drema land where I can still heat everthing but I am tired of being tired all the itme.
    I have cut back on my narcotic meds to see if that helped me and so far it has not done anything to help. Then I have stopped drinking diet coke because I had to have the gall bladder out and I drank it once after the surgery and it really hurt my tummy so i have not had it in 2 months adn I still crave it but I dont want to get back to drinking it all the time because it really is not so good for me.I just want to wake up when I should be awake and to sleep when I should.

    I tried the new sleep aid the lunesta and I slept late and was still sleping till 2 pm and I don't think that is normal?

    I don't like being so sleepy all the time and I want to be nromal again. SO how do I do that?

    I have had to cut bacj on the pain meds because of money I have my doctors appt tomorrow but we don't get paid till friday and I don't have enought to take them the way they are written like to take 4 soma a day I usually only try and take them in the evening and before bed so that I can sleep. and the MSIR Instant release morphine I usually take 4 a day but I have been taking 3 for the past week to that i will have enough to last till friday, I am tired of not having enough money and having it make me streach out my meds.

    But some I have not taken as I was seeing how many I really needed adn I now have a total months supply of the MScontin and I am telling my doctor today when I see him to not refill it as I still have a months worth of it becuase I slowed dwon on taking it and I don'twant to hoarde it, I don't like takingmore than I need andwhile I had my gall bladdre surgery I needed the mds andnow it has eased but I have days when I really hurt and I take the amout of pills i am allowed to take.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that I am tired of the family telling me that I am addicted to my narcotic pain meds so I take less than I have been prescribed, I am not addicted to them as I can take 3 pills a daaay of the MS contin 100 mgs and it works jsut as well as when I have taken the 5 a day that I am prescribed. And I am not having any side effects of feeling like I need or have to take more. I am tryhing to take the least amount of narcotic pain pills as possiable because I don't like taking them but I also don't want to be in pain. So what do I do?

    OI am telling my doc the I want him to not prescribe the MScontin for a month as I have a months supply of it already from not taking as much as I have been prescribed. I don't want to take more than I really need nor do I want to have more in the house that I use in the month as I have a sister who gets in to things that are not hers so my meds are now in a locked box so I am the only one who can get int to it.

    But I will talk to him about what i should be doing and how often I should be taking the meds. so I don't feel so sleepy does that sound right to you?

    I just want to be n romal and to feel normal even though I am not normal I really want to look like i am and that means not walking like i am 90 years old becasue my knees are hurting so badly adn there is nothing I can take that reaches that deep into the knee cap to reach this pain. I can't take steriods beccause they make me sick. and really don't work well on me at all.

    I want to be the normal mom and grandmother and don't feel like I am that way. Normal grandma don't take pain pills. And I Do. I am just stressed about some of the things that have happend in my life. and i don't know whow to change them of fix the problem.

    Well I am not making much scense in this post, cause I am leaving things out because I am tired tonight. So I am going to go to bed now. I will write later on about how the doctors visit went and what he decieded to do for me. Thanks for letting me ramble on about nothing .

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    I'm sorry you're having such a hard time.

    When I start to worry too much about what my family thinks about me taking pain meds, or someone unknowingly makes a comment that makes me feel like a creep for treating my pain, I try to be thankful that they don't have the experience required to truly be empathetic.

    I used to get mad and feel helpless. I felt like it was a choice between my family's approval and adaquate pain control. That didn't really help me though-- just stressed me out. Still stresses me out if I dwell on it.

    I think someone on the board suggested this, and it has helped. I try and remember that they're not sick and thus can't understand, and be thankful for their ignorance.

    I think I'm repeating myself here. I hope this doesn't sound too preachy or goody goody.

    Good luck!
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    I have been reading your posts for a long time. You keep thinking your family will understand your pain and treat you with kindness and respect.They haven't and you keep making excuses for them.

    When are you going to take a step toward improving your life by applying for SSDisability. First,make sure your dr. agrees with this. I think you had said before that he does.

    Start the process today by phone or get someone to drive you to the SSbuilding. It will be one of the best things you can do for yourself.

    Don't worry that husband&family won't like it. You are not a little girl who needs permission.

    We teach people how to treat us. When we allow family to dismiss our concerns or mistreat us by saying our pain isn't real, that is humiliating and crushes our spirit. We need to stop seeking their approval and take care of our needs as adult women.

    A check in your name every month will raise your self esteem.These bits of advice come from my heart and aren't meant to offend you or your fanily.


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