Just took my first Quercetin bioflavanoid for hives........

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kadywill, Jan 24, 2003.

  1. kadywill

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    who knows what'll happen. This brand is mixed with vitamin C, but Annette told me it needed to have Bromelain in it, too. The pharmacist ordered this for me and I didn't know about the bromelain at the time, so I'll take this bottle and then try to find some of the other.
    I just pray that this'll relieve the chronic hives. I just had to take yet another shot of Epinephrine about a half hour ago~~this is three shots this week, which is too dangerous and not a good thing to do, but when my lips, throat and eyes swell with the presence of giant hives over 100% of my body, there is little else to do to keep breathing! The prednisone that I've relied on for thirty years now makes me suicidal and psychotic, so that's out!
    Please pray that this'll work for me!
    I just saw the neurologist and had a nerve conduction/EMG test done. No surgery is recommended and he prescribed Neurontin for me. He and my Rheumy are close friends, so the two of them plan to work on my pain management program together. I am to have physical therapy, as well.....I dread that.....
    Thank you guys for all your good wishes, advice and prayers.
    Love to all,
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    so sorry to hear about your hives---they are miserable.
    I sometimes get the feeling like I have a hive in my throat. It doesn't close up, but I have that horrrible feeling like someone has a band around my neck. I take liquid Benadryl and at times had to take prednisone. I have heard Quercitin is good for allergies---please, please let us know if it works for you. I need to buy some and try it.
    Feel better,
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    The store on nthis site has Quescetin with Bromelain available. Their prices are usually good too.

    That's good news that you don't need surgery. I hope you will see improvement with your Neurontin. It's also great that your docs are working together. It's not often that happens!

  4. kadywill

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    Hello my friend, thank you for the reply. My husband hates for me to order online....he feels weirded out about the card information being used where "anyone can see it"....true or not, it's a big deal to him and not worth an argument for me. I'd LOVE to get all my supplements at this site, I really would.
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    Most online stores have toll-free numbers, so that's always an option. Use a credit card, as opposed to a debit card, as a safety precaution, since any unauthorized charges can be disputed with your credit card company.

    Good luck with the quercitin,
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    hope this works for those hives-it must be terrible.SOOO glad you neuro. said no surgery needed.My pain managment Dr. has made a world of difference-if they suggest,do go to one.He uped my Neurontin to 1200 mg. daily to help with this spinal pain-Good-luck with your new Dr.!!