just tried a new product,might help others

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cajunv2001, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. cajunv2001

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    my mom suffers like i do with fibro,she found a new product at walmart called castiva.
    they make 2 types,one goes on warm,one goes on cold,they are rub on creams,for sore muscles,was a bit leary about trying it,but she dropped some off,and darned if the stuff dosen't feel good on these old tight shoulders,i tried the heated one,but it came with a sample of the cooling one,i think i like that one better. go figure.
    kinda stinks like bengay but i'll take anything that i don;t need a rx for.
  2. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Thanks for that info!! :0
    what a sweety you are for mentioning.

    I'm up for ANYTHING to help my muscle pain.

    I may have heard of that stuff, but I'm not sure.??
    does it have castor oil in it??

    I live very close to a walmart. I think I'll check it out tomorrow.
    Glad you found something to help. ( even a little)

  3. glenda2

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    hi lisa

    you should try O24fibromyalgia it is a spray with all kinds of oils (i would have to get up to go check)but it smells for awhile but i can not live without it. it is exspensive but when you hurt i doesn't matter. you can only get it ay cvs and i think rite aid. it is $20 for 1 oz. it is made by swiss medica you can have them send you a sample before you buy it. you can order onpro health website too (i forgot)but that is where i got my sample.
  4. woofmom

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    Anyone who is sensitive to chemicals needs to be very, very careful with pain creams. Flexall really put a hurtin' on my brain (felt like someone put a hot poker through my head, heart raced, BP shot up).
  5. cajunv2001

    cajunv2001 New Member

    thanks,i have tried that too,my mom gave me the castiva to try and i like it!
  6. cajunv2001

    cajunv2001 New Member

    yes it doed have castor oil in it,it really helps me!