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    I have found a "cure" for...
    Migraines--12.5mg of benadryl (generic works too as has dramamine) when I FIRST see my aura....In about 19years or so, this has aborted my migraine. I still have that "hangover" effect and rest if I can, but no intense pain, or nausea/vomiting, or diarrhea like before. There has been times when it took 25-50mg before it worked and only one time that even 50mg did not work, but we are talking 19years or so here....

    Constipation of IBS: Amitiza. When I first took it (I was only taking Darvocet as a narcotic pain reliever), it was like a miracle for me. No more contortionists (sp?) acts in the bathroom just to have a bowel movement. It was so demoralizing and embarassing what I would have to go through just to defecate. Now I have been on Vicodine pre-op and post-op, so the Amitiza has not worked as well. We have increased my dosage of Amitiza, and as of today, I am going back to just the Darvocet for pain. I will also cont. my cymbalta, wellbutrin, robaxin, etc as I did pre-op and post-op for my fibromyalgia pain.

    Hope this helps someone in cyberland! rhonda
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    using it "too mcuh"...Before I stopped nursing, I went to a seminar on chronic pain, a study was saying that something about benadryl had been linked to Alzheimers. Don't remember exactness of info. that was over 3 years agao.....

    I accidently discovered teh benadryl. Will ahve to tell you later. Just really tired tongiht, Rhonda

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