Just venting, very discouraged

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mrsED, May 29, 2006.

  1. mrsED

    mrsED New Member

    Hi Everyone,
    I just read wakeMeUp's post and I feel like i should not complain at all, and yet we all have our own struggles.
    I have FM for at least 18 years, and probably longer. I've gotten progressively worse over the years as have many of you.

    I am in so much pain. I guess this is a major flare, although I can hardly remember not being in a flare.
    I take Oxicontin 10 mg every six hours. (It seems to work better than taking 20mg. every 12 hours). I also take Tramadol as needed, Lyrica, Prozac, Ambien, and right now I can't remeber what else.

    Three weeks ago I injured my low back again, just doing something stupid. I can't seem to get any relief. The pain is excruciating.

    I do have degenerating,herniated discs.

    When I called my PCP he said there was nothing more he could do since I was already taking 6 meds. ( still can't think of what ele I'm taking, major brain fog going on)
    I felt bad that he said that. I wasn't asking for more meds, just a suggestion for what I moght do to get some relief.

    I don't think 40mg of Oxycontin a day is a lot, is it?
    The tramadol doesn't seem to be helping for break through pain any more.

    What do you take for the pain and how much?
    I don't want to keep taking higher doses but I can't function like this.

    I also just had a root canal last week and the dentist couldn't seem to get me numb. He kept hitting the nerve and I nearly went through the ceiling. Never had this happen before.

    Anyway, thanks for listening. I will be moving in 2 months and just can't imagine how. ButI know the help will come.

    I am sorry for those who are much worse than me. I'm just not dealing with this and I know you all understand.

    Sharon, (MrsEd)
  2. mwduffey

    mwduffey New Member

    Just take it easy, and know we are all here for you
  3. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    I take 40 mg every 6 hrs and 3 vicodin for break through 4 times a day.I also take soma a muscle relaxer .

    Neuontrin 600mg 3 times a day and 120mg of cymbalta all for pain.

    Works well for me .I was bed ridden a year ago .Now I'm out of bed I still have pain but at least I can get a little done.I pace myself.

    I'm sorry your hurting so much.

  4. earthdog2000

    earthdog2000 Member

    Hey Sharon,
    I can totally sympathize with you and don't ever feel bad for needing to vent! I've been in a major flare myself on and off for about 9 months, it can and does happen. The pain you feel is very real and can be extremely debilitating at times, seems like most of the time. I have tried practically everthing you have as far as meds go and the problem is that when you have Fibro you have a very low if any pain tolerance. Sounds like it's time to go to another doc who knows more about this disease and really believes that your pain is REAL. I have a female doc who is an internist and see a PA who helps with my pain management. I have recently started seeing a counselor who understands Fibro and even has a support group. Maybe you could find a support group in your area and also go to a therapist who is well versed in FS. Being understood and believed is more important than anything I think! There is a new antideppresant on the market that is supposed to help chronic pain as well called Cymbalta. My insurance finally approved it so I will start taking it after I see the doc this Wed., can't wait!! Don't give up and most importantly make yourself exercise gently as in stretching and maybe swimming, it really does help! I hope this helps and you feel better soon. I'm soooooooo sorry for all of us but thank god for this website!
    A fellow survivor, Julie
  5. thirkmom

    thirkmom New Member

    I understand the scope and intensity of your pain because I'm at the same place you are. I take Oxycontin 80 mg. twice a day and Roxicodone 30 mg. for breakthrough pain. I still have a lot of pain but at least it's tolerable. It's sad to be taking something for pain relief and not have it work.

    I didn't want to take higher doses either but if the pain meds are not working then you are just wasting your money and the side effects. If your Dr. doesn't want to give you what you need to cover your pain ask him if he'll refer you to a pain clinic. They are more familiar with doseages and such. Good luck sweetie, LuAnn
  6. mrsED

    mrsED New Member

    I think I need to really let my dr. know that i can't function as a wife, mother grandmother with this much pain.
    I canbearly take care of myself. I had to get somone to shop for and someone to do my laundry last week. I need better pain control.

    He sent me to a pain specialist in the past who injected my spine, discs with steroids. tttthe result was the worst spinal headache of my life that lasted for weeks.So I was leary of going back to him. But maybe I'll give him another tryto see if he would give me different meds.

    Anyway, thanks for you love and support.

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