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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jgbeaches, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. jgbeaches

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    Hello Fibro Family,

    Well a bit back I posted about debating on getting epideral injections into my spine, well since then I have had two a week apart, they seemed to have helped some, there is still some pain but definetly more bearable, I was even given x-ray pictures each time showing where they did the injection. So we will see how long they will last.

    I however also had a severe reaction to the cymbalta that I was taking, landed me two weeks out of work and in the ER, was taken off that however afterwards I now have anxiety issues, so was given Lexapro and Xanax for that, the Lexapro may be starting to be work it takes about 4 weeks to get to the full level in your system, and the Xanax is very helpful in being fast acting when I have a high anxiety moment, thankfully they have started becoming less and less and I now can go days with out taking a Xanax.

    I am also on Gabopentin 300mg a day, which I am told is not a high dose, and honestly do not know if it is doing anything, I am still having a great deal of pain and am having to take my tramadol at the 100 mg/ 4x a day usually I try to only use when necessary it just seems its necessary a lot more.

    And now two weeks after starting the meds I have a severe hives issue going on, went to the doctor yesterday and he believes it is a food allergy, and not the medication, so they are running some blood tests to see, so again out of work another day, and I have depleted all my leave, so another day not getting paid, but I cant think of that just have to realize that my health comes first.

    My boss, denied my flex leave requests that was recommended by my counselor, my request was to leave 30 mins earlier from work and she denied it, going to write a rebutal to this due to my primary care doc is in agreement with my counselor.

    I actually enjoy seeing the counselor I feel that it is really beneficial to talk to someone about all that has gone on in my life and especially having a chronic illness, and a possibly of a diagnosis of Cushing disease to add to my already list of issues. I see him every two weeks for 45 mins, I find that it is me time that I dont normally get.

    I am still working on getting a better doctor to work with me with my fibro, I have a list of a couple of internist that show they work with people with fibro, so I plan to call and "interview" their office.

    I pray that we all find a doctor who treat us with respect and dignity, and that may more people become aware of an illness that constantly tortures us while the rest of the world looks at us thinking "but you dont look sick"

    And now to find out I have been miscarriaging for the past two weeks, my hives have gotten worse, so I decided to stop my medications, even though they do not think they are them, it took five months for me to react to the Cymbalta, and honestly I am not taking chances that once again I am reacting to medication. I have decided that I am just going to take a natural sleep aid, tramadol and xanax as needed and quit the rest.

    I have an appointment with my primary today to see what the heck is going on with these hives the fact that I have been on steriods and they have gotten worse.

    I also am seeing my ob/gyn since the ER did not page him like I requested and their prognosis he does not agree with.

    I really could use a vacation....oh but wait I have depleted all my leave at work, so that aint happening, maybe in a few months, I can take an extra long weekend.

    Continue to fight the good fight everyone, I know I will!

    Many blessings to you all!

  2. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I am so very sorry for all you've been going through. My prayers are with you at this troubling time. Try to rest all you can and take good care of yourself.

    Love, Mikie
  3. dzlady

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    I know you are just venting, but I have a few things I would like to say here. I hope you dont mind.

    I just had surgery (hysterectomy) and 2 weeks prior to my surgery, the doctor suggested I stop taking this med and that med, yada yada. So I thought, I will just quit taking all the ones that I dont really (think) I need. I quit taking the Cymbalta that I take for my fibro. MISTAKE! I had horrible withdrawals. The way I would explain it to people is that my head wasnt right. I couldnt think straight...more than normal. Every time I would move, I had some weird vertigo type experience. If I moved my head to the right, once my head stopped moving, it would feel like my head was still turning to the right. Just be careful with withdrawals from the Cymbalta.

    I've had two epidural injections as well, mine 2 weeks apart. To me, they didnt help me, but each person is different. I too had the x-ray taken to show where the injections went. I habe to be released after the surgery before they can do another one, and I dont think I am going to have another one...two didnt work, why would I think the 3rd one would work?

    I have taken Gabepantin and was taking a high dose but had no relief. Really havent had anything that has worked...except the percocets I have been taking from my surgery, but I am almost out. I would like to have a smaller dose (currently taking 7.5/325 2 every 6 hrs) and think that for everyday use, that 5/325 1 every 6 hours would be ok. But my GP wont prescribe narcotics. I have been prescribe Ultram and have lots of it, problem is, it doesnt work all that well.

    Have you checked into FMLA...Family Medical Leave Act. At least this way you wouldnt lose your job. They cant fire you. Might check into it.

    Xanax works great for anxiety, just take as low a dose as you can get by with because it is very addictive. I have 0.5 mg and I break them in half when I have an attack. I've had them since October and I think I have taken 3 complete pills, by breaking them in half and taking half.

    Good luck to you,
  4. jgbeaches

    jgbeaches New Member

    First, I do not mind at all about you commenting:

    I have been off the Cymbalta for a few weeks now, so all is well with that, I spoke with my doctor and he is having me stop the gabopentin cold turkey, and weening me off the Lexipro, and I agree the Tramadol doesnt always work the best but I am tired of medications and it is one of the few that I do not get side effects from, the Xanax I take is at the lowest possible dose .25 mg and I dont take it hardly at all.

    In regards to FMLA, yes I am on it which is truely a blessing so that does give me some comfort. Now to build back up my leave and hopefully one of these days I can take a vacation.

    Thanks for your concern!


  5. Beadlady

    Beadlady Member

    I would check with your pharmacist about stopping the gabapentin. I really don't think that is a drug that should be aburptly stopped.
  6. jgbeaches

    jgbeaches New Member

    I did check with them, I love my pharmacy they have everything I have ever taken in their system, since I have been going to them for over 10 yrs. They are also very good in getting with me on any side effects, which meds could effect another one can interefer with , so even if the doc says something I will still speak to my pharmamcist. Thanks for your concern :)

  7. jgbeaches

    jgbeaches New Member

    So went to follow up with my Prmary since he was not the orginal doc I saw for my hives, he takes a look and asks what was I given, told him they put me on a steriod, he stated well if you were having an allergic reaction this should be much further along in being cleared up. He stated that my blood work showed that I have an infection and he thinks that is why I have thing hives, he believes that because I have been miscarring for over 2 weeks by this point that I have an infection in around my uterus, and to have my ob/gyn take a look snd see what he says, since I have an appt with him right after this one. My primary did give me some mediction to help with the itching, which is very beneficial because I would be sratching 10x more !

    So ob/gyn appt - doctor just glances at rash and does an examine, and takes the tissue off to be tested, he says that I look like I am clearing nicely however if I have not stop bleeding in a week they will have to give me progesterone.

    So 24 hr follow up with Primary, he cant believe that the gyn, does not think the rash is linked so, he gave me the medicine to he feels will help the infection, and I have been on it for only 1 day and I can see a big difference alreasdy, still itchy but they are not raised and angry looking and the spreading I believe has slowed down as well. He also has me taking Ambien to get some rest I am lucky if I sleep anything at night right now I am usuallu asleep around 10:30 and back up around 1:30, that is not enough sleep.

    Thanks for letting me vent, we shall see how this all turns out!

  8. scotlandrose

    scotlandrose Member

    This stupid disease can cause problems in every aspect of our lives, and it can be so frustrating!
    People "don't believe" and that can cause big problems or even little unexpected problems. Doctors either refuse to consider a disease that has no test, have heard of it but it scares them because it is complicated, think we are just crazy, or some horrible combination. "fibro fog" can cause frustration and make people believe we have some form of dementia. And I do so love the, "but you look great' comments.

    Recently quit smoking, during pollen season in Atlanta. The mucus from the healing collected all the pollen and before i knew it, I was in the hospital for pnumonia. Tried to explain I needed the meds i brought, but they took them all away. Even my Synthroid. After 5 days of no sleep, no Synthroid, pain, and horrible care, I left AMA. Called my Doc who used to be at a FFC who is thankfully at a new office. Had he been at the FFC, I could have never gotten an emergency appt. My o2 sat. was 88% on standing, then would drop even lower. He explained how dangerous that was and i said I knew, but i would rather die at home comfortable, rather than in that hell hospital in diapers. They were very busy and put everyone in diapers so the nurses did not have to 'waste time" helping patients get to the bathroom. Never got a breathing treatment on time. I was so frustrated from the lack of care, diapers, and no damn sleep, they offered sedative that i like too much to take, Atavan. I crave it when it is gone, and stay the hell away from it. That prompted a psych consult. That was fun, as i was a therapist before I got sick.

    One good change in my health, quitting smoking, and i had a 26, 000 bill, a headache, and i was so mad! Where has common sence, kindness, caring, listening, being human at the very least gone? I was blessed that Dr. Cuddupah really took over what the hospital should have done in the first place. Put me back on the CFS meds I need, got me a nebulizer, and had staff, or even himself check on me a couple of times a day.

    It did not have to be worse than the horror movies I love!

    But, little things like that happen everyday! i just try to remember I am sick, and the rest of the world (most of them) are the idiots! It helps, sometimes.

    I am sorry you have had a bad bunch of run ins with "those" people! Keep venting! It really helps!

    Scotlandrose...feeling your frustration!

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