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    I am just having a really hard time finding a doctor who will look past my blood test. I was diagnosed with anxiety a year ago. Well, i just found out a month ago that i have hypoglycemia and diabetes. Finally i had gotten a doctor to send me for a GTT. I was right. My sugar is under control but thats not my problem. I am always in pain, constantly, sometimes bad sometimes aches but something always hurts. Mostly neck, back, chest and shoulders. But pretty much everything just not as much. 2 nights ago my legs ached so bad they felt like lead. Plus im so tired all the time that i cant work because day to day i don't know how im going to feel. Somedays i can barely move from fatigue and sometimes im fine, its like an endless cycle. Forget the constant dizziness, i cant drive because of the motion. I could go on and on .Hives,heart palpitations, rashes, neverending headaches. Light sensitivity(awful). Well, anyway, I keep being told that my bloodwork is fine, but i feel like im 100 years old. I'm just very frustrated and want to know whats wrong. So can anybody give me any direction to go in or what my problem may be if you experience the same so I know who i should go see. I just want my life back. Thanks!!!!!!!
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    start calling rheumatologists and asking the receptionists if they treat fibromyalgia and with what approach. Find a compassionate one who says things you like to hear, who says they treat pain and sleep problems and get patients as functional as possible with multi faceted approaches, or something of that nature, NOT someone who says well we refer people to psychological counseling and physical therapy bacauce that is NOT the right answer!!! But DO call around, we here are NOT doctors but it sounds like you have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue and you need a compassionate doctor who will treat you with the medications that will help to get you as functional as possible. Don't give up! If a doctor tells you it is all in your head, walk on outta there and DON"T PAY HIM!!! There are good docs out there, go to a fibromyalgia support group and ask around for somebody who has the best doctor. Don't be afraid to drive a couple of hours.
    I didn't know what was wrong with me either. Find yourself a doc, make an appointment and then study up here, the more you find out the better you'll get, sooner. Go to the library and read up, there are some really good books. I'll bump a good post on book suggestions for you soon. Gotta go.