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    Hoping someone might find something familiar in my story and offer some guidance. I was having a lot of high heart rate and low BP issues -diagnosed with POTS. During this time, I was sitting outside on a 60 degree day reading. Having just moved to Colorado a few months prior the sporadic weather was taking some getting used to. When I came inside, it felt as though I had stuck my hands in the snow. They were burning horribly. By the next day, I developed a rash on one hand. Eventually the frostbite feeling subsided and the oddest pressure began underneath my finger nails. It was if I had hit them. They began to turn purple and eventually brown. As this was occurring, I started experiencing pain in my fingers. Achy pains. Sharp electric pains. That eventually spread to my hands and arms. And now in my toes and feet. Sometimes my legs as well. My physician ordered blood work. Came back Ana positive and referred me to rheumatology. I had to wait months and in the meantime had an EMG done with results coming back normal. I have been going to occupational therapy for two months and she says I have very irritable nerves. Finally saw the rheumatologist two weeks ago, and he mentioned fibro several times. Did a bunch of blood work and ordered a MRI which I am still waiting to hear about. I am starting to feel hopeless. This has been five months. I just want to know what the heck happened to me. I just turned 37. I consider myself to have a very high pain tolerance but it seems there is nothing I can do or take to make things better. Does any of this ring a bell to anyone? Sorry for rambling on. Just hoping someone can shed some light on things and make me feel less crazy.
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    was the rash itchy or just very red?
    How are your hands and feet now?
    How are your finger nails now?

    These sound like symptoms of peripheral neuropathy, which in fibromyalgia are probably caused by immune system "irritation" of your nerves and blood vessels. Have a read of some of the articles in the PH features. Some of this has been addressed.

    If you do have fibromyalgia then you will need to consider the anti-neuropathic medication and some of the supplements shown to help reduce this type of pain.

    I can certainly say that people with FM do experience what you are experiencing. However such pain and changes do wax and wane.

    Let us know the results of your blood tests.
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    The rash was never itchy.just very red and uncomfortable. And subsided as the pain began. The fingernails grew out. As they turned from purple to brown the pressure subsided. But now I am left with the pain. Some days are better then others. When I saw rheum, I def had pain/tenderness in all the trigger points. I called to check on my labs and the med asst said Ana was positive (which I already knew) and she was going to talk to doc and call me back by the end of the day. That was Friday. She never called.