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    I am 20, I have the perfect son he's 8 months old he is the only thing that keeps me going.
    My derpreshion started over 6 years ago when a was raped by two people I knew. Since then nothing has gone right.
    I have been in lots of failed relationships I never have any money the userall stuff it drags me down I suffer with suicidal thoughts self harm thoughts severe depression and anxirty attacks. I have tried 6 differnt medcines and none of themwork I just want a was out I can't cope with the nightmeres and the constant worry of them coming to get me again.
    Just want someone that atleast understands and can help me.
    One min everythings amazing and can't understand why I felt so crap and then its like a living hell the doctor thinks its more than depression but too scared to say these tabs are not working as they will send me to go see a specialist and they will take my baby away from me.
    I feel so trapped like I am stuck and this is all there is to life
    Can anyone help
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    There is a wonderful site on the web that can help you. not sure if I can post the web site, so google PTSD forums, and make sure the site is org at the end and not com. It is a terrific site. Also the owners name is Anthony, so look for that too, to make sure you have the right site.....

    You most likely have PTSD, and if yo u haven't seen a psychiatrist to be formally diagnosed, I strongly suggest that you try and see one.

    I totally understand as I have PTSD from childhood abuse, molestation by family members and I was ganged raped at the age of 16.

    You can get better, it takes a ton of work on your part, but you CAN get better...

    Hang in there, your son needs you, and you need him......

    I wanted to add, I know how afraid you are to see a specialist for fear of losing your child. They can not take him away from you, UNLESS you mistreat him, or are a threat to him.

    There is a HUGE difference between BEING suicidal, and having suicide ideation, which you have. you would just need to be clear that you are not planning to kill yourself, but rather think that being dead would be better, as it would stop the pain that you are going through....

    I feel so strongly that you get some help that I am going to post the website...www.ptsdforum.org....They will understand, and you can get help....... [This Message was Edited on 12/06/2011]
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    Welcome to the board. We used to have a depression board, but now I
    can't find it. I guess it was removed during the recent renovation. There are several boards all at this site. See the upper right hand corner. The rules
    of the board are also there.

    I have been depressed most of my life. My depression has been helped
    over the years by various modalities. It is not gone, but it has been
    lessened considerably.

    Here's what helped me: meds, therapy, hospitalization, 12 step group (Emotions Anonymous), "Feeling Good" by Dr. David Burns, vitamin C, Grape seed extract (recommendations by Jam in health), vitamin B12 patch (not pills), this board, combination group therapy and classes at Kaiser Permanente.

    If you would like some social contact, you can visit the Chit Chat board.
    People talk about kids, music, pets, books, hobbies, etc.

    Good luck
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    My own cognitive powers are fading daily. Last night at the market I gave
    the clerk the wrong amount of cash. Then I traded one bill for another and
    she still had the wrong amount.

    Sometimes it's kinda funny and sometimes I get depressed and sometimes
    I'm angry and sometimes it's mix and match and all of the above. Couldn't
    find the margarine the other day cause I had stuck it in the microwave.

    Anything to report on the hip situation?