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    I recently posted a question on the otherboard re the differences between CFS and FM

    A friend has told me that CFS has 40 symptoms and FM is one of them.......

    Any comments to this? Dinilaa has already expressed her view and mine to boot but i would like some more input

    I have surfed the net and have found nothing that its indicative but then I get told 95% of infor on the net incorrect

    Thanks for the comments

    angel hugs
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    As you know, there are many opinions, Connie.

    Mine is that a gene having to do with our ability to manage stress, perhaps even neurotransmitter genes themselves, are either lacking, dysfunctional or very weak. This leads to an almost constant "fight or flight" response in the HPA axis (nervous system) and ultimately "wears down" our bodies in ways dictated by our genetic makeup. Since we're all different genetically, our symptoms will not be exactly the same and so we can't expect the same results from treatment. This is one reason for the confusion.

    CFS-ME is about debilitating exhaustion along with and exascerbated by poor quality sleep; brain fog; enormous fatigue after physical activity; usually IBS; possible heart involvement and other goodies. Energy such as it is, is unreliable. While our bodies are meant to move and it's very important that we do, the less we do, the less we can do. It's crucial that those of us with CFS go slowly with exercise including daily chores. They can often do stretching, maybe some light yoga as possible.

    It's important to remember that what symptoms we have depend on our genetic strengths and weaknesses just like susepitabilty to other diseases are part of our heredity.

    Pain may or may not be a part of CFS but usually is not. If there is pain not attributed to such things as arthritis or injury, FM is also present.

    With CFS your life as you planned it gets put on hold and you need to regroup or spend a lot of time being miserable with regret along with exhaustion.

    In FM, pain is the primary compontent although pain is very fatiguing! I've known some people with FM who, once their pain was under control, went on to live quite normal lives. Exercise is known to help FM unlike CFS wherein it can be harmful. I believe that those of us here who do things like hanging drywall and partying hardy have either controlled FM, very early stages of CFS but not full-blown CFS-ME.

    I'm embarrassed to admit how long it took me to realize that someone posting about their day-long trip to the beach, hanging drywall or talking about the concert they saw the night before did not have medium to severe CFS! That or they're pushing themselves into a huge flare. As happy as I am for those who can do these things, it's confusing to others with the illness and to the general public.

    I personally suspect that, like your friend said, FM is one symptom under the CFS umbrella. Others think FM and CFS are completely different illnesses. Of course this is all just my opinion based on observation of my own health and that of friends with these illnesses over the past 13 years. I'm sure there will be as many opinions as there will be posts here!

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    am very confused today and cannot absorb what you guys have written.....

    Am feeling very down and hopeless and think i will just go to bed.....

    I have flu like aches sometimes with shooting sharppains, burning feet and upperarms and limbs that feel like they have been bruised in a cement mixer......

    My head is foggy and I cant think straight and keep on haveing petit mal seizures..... I want to do so much but just want to sleep....

    the overall picture from 9 moths ago i am much much better but.......

    love n angel hugs
    and thank you yet agian
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    sorry cant remember the name, I have this strong gut feeling doc is incorrect with diagnosis, will hound her

    at my next appointment, although i have asked several times already and she has confirmed I think maybe she

    may have to tell me how she got to that diagnosis......

    Oh man, I too beleive they are two different illnesses bu also symptoms of something else......

    But then iam not a doctor and a person knowing heaps on how the body works.....

    thanks for input

  5. Marta608

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    One of the things the CFS specialist looked for in me were trigger points! I had many but I was not diagnosed with FM at the time, just CFS.

    Oh well, it took me only a day to realize after I was diagnosed that I was still sick! Diagnoses don't really help much except for disability.

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    that CFIDS was notarious for making those who suffer from it exhausted no matter how much rest, or sleep one gets?

    I know that there is a lot more involved as far as symptoms go......but that was one of the major beginning clues that something was really wrong with me ......when I was lethargic even after getting adequate rest!

    MPO (my personal opinion ) is that Fibromyalgia and Chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome are one in the same!

    I believe that some just have different levels of symptoms that bother them more than others and vise versa!

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    dont stipulate that, it would make things a lot easier for us all..
    No sites for CFS or FMS and then telling us they often overlap

    why not have it under the same umbrella and call it CFFMS much easier.....

    angel hugs and patience to us all
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    Thants exactly what my doctor thinks, the good thing is thats she is at least a little open to stuff I bring her and not hoo haas the whole thing.

    I think I am person who cant let go to the fact that thers is no solutions as to why at this stage.....

    no one knows, its always amazes me how little they know when seemingly they know so much, same as Crohns disease they know its infflammation but not the why...

    God help us all to understand
    Angel hugs
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