Just want to know if any body feels similar...

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  1. EMayer

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    Because my husband is so sure that I am in no such pain and that I am just saying that I feel a certain way because I read stuff on the internet I was wondering how many of you feel the way I feel. Just in need of some reasurance :(

    - aweful horizontal(from sied to side) nail ridges especially in the thumb
    - SEVERE neck pain where I sometimes feel like my head will just fall forward and stay there
    - TERRIBLE upper back pain where if you press to the left of the very top of my spine right before your neck begins it sends an electrical pulse all through my left shoulder area almost feels like a knoted tissue or rubber band???
    - There are knots or lumpy tissue and band like thingys all over the left side of my upper back especially under the bone that moves on your back when you move your arm up and down.
    - Shoulder and upper arm Pain that I'm constantly rubbing and massageing because it feels like the muscles are flexed even though I'm not flexing them. Mostley on my left side but on the right side too.
    - Pain in the hipps like on those two round bones on each side of the spine above the butt. This can sometime be excruciating <can't spell today>.
    - Pain on the outer thigh
    - Shin splint pain
    - Sometimes I get this feeling in my ankle that traveles up my leg into my thigh that feels like there is a fire going on beneath my skin like sorta on the bone but sometimes no place specific.
    - Hand pain which makes it difficult to write or type after a little while.
    - Brain fog that gets so bad that i'm always afraid to talk to someone that I don't know because I sound like a blithering idiot.
    - Horrific Migraines or Tension headaches that come from very odd parts of my head and neck
    - I go to sleep early on purpose around 9:00 or so and wake up between 7:00am and 8:00am w/ the baby and feel like I have been trampled by wild animals.
    - Florescent lights make me feel like I want to crawl out of my skin for some reason


    ***hey does anyone know if kidney stones are a part of FMS/CMP? got those too!

    Also, I'd like to say that 6mo. ago I had my 2nd daughter prematurely at 34wks. and unlike the normal baby who starts sleeping through the night at 3 mo. mine still wakes up once or twice per night to be fed at 6mo. of age...so I truelly believe that sleep deprovation makes this pain sooooooooooo much worse. I also get this wierd hot,cold,tingly & numbness all at the same time sensation, kind of like "fuzz" does anyone else get this? And I am so darn tired that I see trails often.
    However, with last night as an exception, for the last 3 nights my baby has slept all night long and I was beginning to feel better but then last night was aweful, I'm sure I didn't sleep more than an hr. because my 4 yr old came into my room to sleep w/me and kept elbowing me in the face and my baby woke up 2 times from the t-storms...and on top of this, I was haveing the strangest dreames all night...like ones where you talk out loud and start laughing and tickeling your husband for real in your sleep. Sooo wierd but sorta funny too, hehehe!

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    You are not alone in the way you are feeling sometimes it is so difficult to explain the symptons. I am fortunate in that I have got a wonderful husband who seems to understand what I am going through. Wishing you well Min from Scotland
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    I have this one knot of tissue in my back that drives me nuts. Anyone who massages me there notices it and comments on it.

    What jumped out at me about your post was this comment; "I go to sleep early on purpose around 9:00 or so and wake up ... and feel like I have been trampled by wild animals."

    The reason that caught my eye is that I have recently been writing something for my journal and I commented how "I wake up feeling like I had been trampled by a herd of stampeding elephants that were all wearing cleats". What kind of shoes were your animals wearing? ; )

    Anyway, I think it helps a lot to know you're not alone in how you feel.
  4. tlc8858

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    Most of the symptoms you have are the same ones that the majority of the people here have the same things. I am sorry that your husband is not supportive. Give him time. The best thing you can do is try to educate him. There are a lot of articles and information out there that can be of help in that area if he is willing to take the time to do some reading.
    Good luck to you
  5. painin

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    Oh my gosh, I thought I was a rare breed with each & everyone of the symptoms you listed. But I could actually list a few more. Except for the kidney stones. OH NO........knock on wood!! I just got me a soft cervical collar to see if it would help take some of the weight off my neck. I swear, my head must weigh about 100lbs sometimes. On all kinds of meds for everything, but I can't get my doctors to give me anything for the pain, because they don't want me to get dependant on them. I wish they could walk in my shoes for just 1 day! They would be getting something for this severe & chronic pain that never quits! I can guarentee that! Take care! And try to get all the rest you can!!
  6. Bambi

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    I am blessed not to have is the migraines. My daughter does though and they are awful! I have many additional symptoms to what you wrote
    also, but it all adds up to misery. My husband is generally supportive but he gets tired of it too, who doesn't. He also just had an MRI on his back and he has some horrible problems going on in his spine, so he
    is in constant pain also,as well as
    having Diabetes. So we are not exactly living the life we thought we'd be living in our 50's! We both lose our tempers at times and both feel unappreciated at times, but more
    and more of the time we try hard to
    be kinder and more helpful to each other. It takes time to adjust for sure. Hugs, Bambi
  7. tandy

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    the 6 month old baby!!!I'm sure waking up every 3-4 hrs is'nt helping your pain!!! Matter of fact,my youngest son did'nt sleep thru the night untill he was 9 months old,and my fibro was way out of control at that time!!very painful!! You might laugh but when he finally started sleeping thru the night...thats when I called and sceduled to get my tubes tied!!cause I knew that I never wanted to do that again!! Another symptom of mine is,if I don't get enough sleep,I'm lightheaded/dizzy and sick to my stomach!!!(my boyfriend thinks I'm nuts....That being tired can't make you sick!!!well it does!!) Show your husband these replys!!!Sure looks to me like you have alot of company with your symptoms!! Hope this helps~ :)
  8. darlamk

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    I went back to read your previous posts and and it looks to me like you are getting ZERO sleep! My babies are grown but I remember feeling lousy when my twins were small and I didn't have FMS then. I am also a nurse and I have always worked with preemies and their parents so I know how important it is for you to get some support and help. Is there someone to help you with the kids so you can get some quality sleep in? I know your hubby isn't too understanding right now so I would not stress over him (just a waste of energy) and look out for yourself right now. If he can't or won't help you then you need to find someone who will. I was once told by a counselor to tell my husband (in a kind voice) "Since you choose to not help with the kids or the house I do not have time to do your laundry and you will have to do it yourself." That got a big response out of my guy! Also the joint pain you describe could be caused by osteoarthritis or some other autoimmune problem. Has your doc checked your labs lately? It's not uncommon for postpartum women to have autoimmune stuff kick up in the months following delivery. Another thing to always consider is post partum depression. It can be very serious. Are you taking anything for depression? Ok I've spouted off enough here....I hope you can find some help and support and some understanding from your family/freinds. Try to take it one day at a time and address the sleep issues and I think the pain will improve. I'll be praying for you too. Good luck!
  9. NanceZ

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    I have some of those symptoms though not the pain thank goodness. I have CFS though I am afraid that the extreme pain in my lower back and hips might be a sign on FM to come. It just started yesterday so I am trying not to panic.....:(

    According to my doc.a naturopathic one:

    The nail ridges..are caused by your bodies inability to absorb the necessary vitamins and minerals. (this is technically called malabsorption)

    The brain fog he says is due to our livers not functioning healthily and thus our intestines "leaking" and our body treats the leakage as foreign and thus reacts as though wwe are allergic to commonly eaten substances.

    I found his words to be true as I did a liver detox and ate a very restricted diet and within two days the fog lifted and the terrible headaches went away. After the liver detox protocola I was to drink a medical drink meant to heal the intestines. At one point I ran out and went ten days before I had more and about the 9th day i was walking into my regular grocery store and for the life of me could not figure out which door to go in...the brain fog had returned! You can bet I drink that stuff regularly now!

    I still have a bit of brain fog but it feels more like tired brain syndrome than the old really thick fog I had lived with for months on end.

    I think sleep is the BIG thing we all need to have our wiring work as well as it possibly can and to rebuild itself so we can get healthier.

    The cool thing about my doctor is he had CFS for two years after college and now is extremely active and healthy.so he understands.....what a relief!!

    I hope you can get some help so you can get some sleep.
  10. jadibeler

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    Oh, yes. I don't have all of them, but then, I have others as well. And like others, I thought it was just me with many of them - they are just too wierd to all be connected. I was so relieved to find that they are and that others have the same problems.

    I agree, show these responses to your husband. My first two didn't understand but my present one is really good about it - except when it comes to waiting on HIM. He was getting better because I started putting my foot down but now he's recovering from abdominal surgery, so I can't complain.

    My daughter has most of the symptoms you list.

  11. leenielew2

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    i HAVE A SEVERE SLEEP DISORDER THAT WAS DIAGNOSED IN LATE OCT. I use the expression I feel like I was in a fight, all night, w/Muhammed Alli. Along w/my FMS, I have this sleep disorder call: Restless leg syndrone and Periodic limb movement. So I am moving flailing and kicking all night and wake up 3/4 x's a night. I am totally eshausted when I wake up. The specialist put me on a medication called Mirapex. It is a new medication for Parkinson, that has been working very well for my diagnosis. Talk to your Doctor about a sleep study.
    As for your baby, mine is 25 yo. However, when she was a baby, she never slept very long. This went on way past infancy. The doctor told me some babies, like some adults; don't need as much sleep as others.
    The final outcome is, we both survived and she has always been healthy. For, me, that's another story.
    As for your husband, he needs to be educated regarding your disorder and also he needs to learn some empathy and consideration. Men don't understand some things. Remember he is from Mars and you, from Venus. Men want to just fix things. Women, just want to be listened to.
    Good luck,
    Leenie from Fla and PA.
  12. bknight104

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    Yes I feel that way most of the time. FMS is not caused by reading the internet and the pain is very real. Hopefully your husband will learn more about this and be more understanding in the future.

  13. EMayer

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    My animals were Cleats as well, lol :)
  14. EMayer

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    My husband is well educated on FMS due to the fact that is mom has it....she had been in horrible pain for a couple of years and was diagnosed last year. (They're from Austria(Europe))He's very compasionate twards her and is actually so concerned w/ how she can get relief that when I was in the hospital after haveing a C-Section he went to a FMS self help group to see if he could find out any new info to help her...but he thinks that I just want attention since I've been reading info on the web to try to help her as well when much to my amazement I found that I felt exactly the same way as was described by FMS patients...I was just diagnosed last week by a new dr. (who still won't prescribe pain meds.) and just told him of the diagnosis last nite when he yelled at me for reading this site...I had told him before though that I'm sure that I had FMS/CMP. He just told me to get over myself.
  15. EMayer

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    I'm glad to know and sorry at the same time that you can empathize with exactly how I feel! I think that my next Dr. visit will be with a Rhumitolagist! lol I've heard that they love FMS patients :)
  16. EMayer

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    Thankyou for your replys....they have been more reasuring than you can immagine....I thank you all a thousand fold :) I have to go and start dinner now (the man had put in his order, lol) then clean the house so when I'm all done, I will try to write back to everyone else :)

    Thanks again all of u!

  17. isee

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    I have CFS,too. Can you tell us what liver detox you did?
    Also, what was the "medical drink" you took for your intestines?


  18. NanceZ

    NanceZ New Member

    I used products from Metagenics.

    For the liver it was UltraClear Plus and now for the continued intestinal healing is Endefen. I also take a probiotic and Advaclear which is advanced liver detoxing...all from Metagenics. They are expensive all in all but i will pay it as long as I can and get the best stuff I can to insure I am doing the most I can to get better.

    If you do a search on this web site with my name in it you can read some of my babbles about what I've done and how I've improved dramatically since July.

    Good luck!!