Just want to know if anyone else has MS here

Discussion in 'multiplesclerosis' started by daylight, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. daylight

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    This board is pretty quite? Am I the lone ranger ?lol
  2. daylight

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    I'm on to different forums for MS and facebook. I just stop by here now and again to offer information on MS and support if anyone needs it.
    I used to be on the arthritis board here for my RA and spinal problems but since my MS has gotten out of control the MS has become a priority .
  3. pauldoswell

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    Hi there, try overcomingmultiplesclerosis.org for a good site on MS which also has a great community message board.
  4. herbqueen

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    I have clear MRI's and spinal taps-so no MS diagnosis, but fibro dx'd 13 years ago-then optic neuritis with nerve damage 5 years ago=progressive neuro symptoms last 5 years- numbness, balance, muscle weakness etc--my only diagnosis is chronic lyme which is controversial and my attempt at protocols first herbal and then a few drugs thows my body into an autoimmune attack progrssing the disease (this is not a herx-too severe and too damaging to my body with lasting effects that don't subside)

    The neuro's say I am not in the minority with no diagnosis. It is common in the field of neurology. In reality they don't know what MS is or really how to treat it-and every case is different. There is so much overlap with all of the "autoimmune" diseases. The doctors are really pretty clueless when it comes to all chronic disease.
  5. Health123

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    Check out www.friendshealthconnection.org

    They have a wonderful online community for people with health challenges, including a group for people with MS. In it, you can post a blog about your story to help inspire others living with the same.
  6. Health123

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    Another great site for people with health challenges as well as caregivers and survivors is www.friendshealthconnection.org They are a nonprofit organization and recently launched a great online community.