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    why primary care doctors don't educate themselves on FM and these other conditions we talk about on this board. I just don't understand it at all. Most of us have to go to our primary doctors for problems we have with FM, because we don't have FM/CFS doctors in our immediate areas. Why can't someone require them to take seminars or something???? I had to request an lyme test from my doctor because he didn't even think to do it when I was diagnosed with FM last year. And I just now was encouraged to get the test done by my supporters on this site. (Thank you so much, by the way!) Now it turns out I may have lyme, but won't know until mid May when I can get in to see an infectious disease doctor. Ok, and then I found out a few weeks ago that my iron was severely low, which I had to request that blood test, also. Shouldn't my doctor have me do blood work every few months instead of once per year? I would think so. But, then again, I'm just a person who has new and different problems and symptoms of something at least once every other month. But does he think that's out of the ordinary? Apparently not. Oh, my doctor is very supportive, prescribes the right pain meds for me, and does order the tests that I request, but it's up to me to ask for them, instead of him being educated and telling ME this is what HE wants to find out. UGH!!!! How can we all pull together and get something done so our doctors will educate themselves and do more to discover what all ails us????? Anyone have any suggestions? What about the poor people out there who have FM or CFS, etc who haven't found this site and don't know what else could be wrong with them, or what else could be causing their dx's?? Hope I'm making sense, here. It's just so frustrating to me, and I have to vent about it.
    Thanks for listening!
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    did you read my mind or are you seeing the same doc Iam?

    I keep wondering why people on here can get thier docs to do tests and then actually do something. Mine hasnt even touched me in a year even when I told him about weird heart symptoms or anything. Am to sick and tired to look for new doc. postive for Lyme but my doc no matter what tests say goes normal.

    It seems any more we have to do the work but pay them!

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