just want to say MERRY CHRISTMAS

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by sixtyslady, Dec 25, 2006.

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    just had to pop in and say Merry Christmas.this board just seems like family. and I"m so thankful to have all of you.I can't even tell you how bad I was last christmas.
    Oh yes I still have pain and the such,but I know I always have someone to talk to on this board.
    also thank you all for your prayers to help me find my glasses,something told me to check Sat kitchen garbage again so my hubby went and got it out of the trash container and we went threw it very carefully and Praise God there they where folded in a peace of aluminum foil, and I just caught a glimmer of the frame sticking out of the foil.Well let me tell you that was the best christmas gift I recieved all day.
    and last nite at our daughters it was blessed, and everyone was on their best behavior,even the little ones.
    I have to say I wasn"t looking forward to this christmas.but the spirit was there and I just Thank Baby Jesus for giving it to all of us.
    May God bless you all and may we all have a great new year.
    Blessings sixtyslady
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    Merry Christmas to you too, sixtyslady.