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  1. Doznclan3

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    Happy Easter! However you celebrate it!

    Love to all, Cynthia
  2. windblade

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    A Blessed Easter to all who celebrate!

    I've been following all the tumultuous events of Holy week from Palm Sunday - the raising of Lazarus, the Last Supper - the capture of jesus - grief and confusion of the disciples, the crucifixion.

    Apart from the physical agony, which many others suffered; what always astounds me - too big to take in - is that He took into Himself, by becoming completely united with humanity, every sin, wrong-doing, cruelty, abomination of every person who has ever existed.

    When Paul says "he became sin"; I wonder how his body didn't explode!

    And in return, we receive righteousness, goodness, the ability to grow closer to God continuously. As we labor, in consent to receive it.

    Pure, and complete love, consolation - God within us through the Holy Spirit .

    A Happy Easter indeed.