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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hatbox121, Jul 3, 2008.

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    Hi My name is Amy. I am 27 yo. I have been dx with FMs for 8 years now. I also have disc degenerative disease, osteopenia, SI joint dysfunction, prolapsed uterus, and have been dealing with 4 broken ribs for 8 months now. I have 2 children, a 4 yo and a 1 yo. I am exhausted most of the time. I do work. I am currently working for Mercedes-Benz building cars. I am tired of hurting and don't really have the support of my husband. He knew about my disease on our 2nd date but has not followed through with the "It's OK. I'll help you" promise. He complains that I go to the dr too much. Arghhh.
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    I just turned 30. My children are 4 and 8. I have been coping since I was 14. I have all the good stuff. Tired, aching, stiff, migraines, moody, sad. (I have other issues with my health but I don't want to go any further..)

    My husband makes comments like "Of course you have a headache." "How many doctor appointments do you have this week?" (I have worked it down to once a month now that we ruled out all the things that can mimic FM and my doctor is confident on this dx.) "Why are you buying a small ketchup, the big one is a better value." (Same thing with milk and oj, you and I both know I can barely lift a half gallon, let alone a full gallon.) I am a bit of an airhead, from the lack of sleep, combined with serious meds blah blah blah, and he knows my short term is shot, but he keeps on me about forgetting to take the movies back, or any number of things, forgetting cat food or whatever. I know that I forget a lot but I do pretty well. I still work as a computer tech 40 hours a week and do all the housework and make all the meals. Sooner or later I will get sick of that crap and deal with it accordingly.. but as for now I just do my best.
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    My Gosh, my kids are grown, I'm divorced, live with my folks and all I have to do is work and some days THAT is even tough. I toss the occasional load of clothes in the wash or a frozen dinner in the microwave. If my mom starts complaining about the house, I'll do what I can or threaten to hire a maid.

    I know a lot of women have wonderful, compassionate husbands, but sometimes I hear that other side too and as sad as it is, I am one female who is GLAD to be divorced.
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    A warm welcome hatbox~ so glad you found us. I'm new to this board and to FM and I 'm really glad that I found this board.

    I'm sorry that you don't have the support from your husband that you need and I'm wondering too how you work full time and take of 2 small children . Do you have friends or other family that could help you?

    My kids are 11/15 and they still keep me busy ~ mom is a taxi service...... My husband is still trying to understand what FM means and what it will mean longterm.......sometimes early on he said maybe you'll feel better next week as if this would magically go away..........So I've been slowly trying to educate him
    but being a guy some days he gets it and is very helpful and some days when I'm moving and getting a few things done he forgets and isn't as helpful.........

    I'm rambling now........so glad your here.

    take care, Susan

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