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    It's been a while since I've posted something so I thought I say hello to all you fellow FIBROMITES. HI! Been taking the cymbalta and it has helped me to some degree, (6 weeks now). Besides the constant sweating that comes with taking this med I have noticed a slight increase in of energy. Still the pain and muscle spasms continue to hurt and burn like heck! Im wondering if I request my doc to up the dosage, if it would help. Any advice wouold be appreciated!


    PS. back in school again, one day out of the week I'm volunteering at the habitat of humanity and I begin a PT job at Hogares Inc., as a BM working with children and adolescents. I hope I have not biten off more than I can choose. Thinking & planning for my little man's future. Have to try and beat this thing one last time!!! Wish me luck!!!!
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    but, you don't think that because you have an increase in energy, you are overdoing things, and perhaps that is why you still hurt so much? You must remember to pace yourself. I am always wary of increasing medication unneccessarily, as sometimes your body builds up an immunity, and then eventually it doesn't work.

    Does Cymbalta contain cortisone? I take Prednisone when I feel very bad, and it makes me sweat and increases my energy. I haven't taken it for about 6 months now, I have just been trying to ride out the pain and stiffness. Some days are good and some days are very, very bad. I feel the less toxins we put in our bodies the better, and medicines, although they help us feel better, are also toxins.
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    Your right in the target! I get the sweats really bad from time to time and I have also noticed an increase in hair loss. I have decided to drop another class, leaving me with just one class left and a PT job. I cant seem to cut it since I became illstricken. Its always nice to come back here and feel welcomed as well as accepted by fellow-fibromites.