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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Breel, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. Breel

    Breel New Member

    Hi Everyone!

    It has been a while since I posted on this site. I rarely ever sit at the computer long times anymore because I have a hard time sitting anywhere for lengths of time.

    I haven't worked since August, 2005. I had to have extensive surgery on my left wrist for a fracture and it wasn't healed enough to go back to work in November. After my medical leave ran out I just quit my job. Yes, after 19 years in the same company.

    I was crazy, I guess; because it has been a hard road to travel and I couldn't get unemployment and I can't get disability because they say I must have a Doctor to stand behind me 100% and it is hard to get disability. I went to work part time in Jan, 2006 until March,2006 and am getting unemployment from that job right now. It will run out soon.

    Right now I don't even have medical insurance; so who could afford a Doctor? Anyway, just wanted to say hello. I have been coming in this Message Board now since 2002. I love it here and always read the post and find out much needed information.

    I am totally off all my meds except my blood pressure meds. I never thought I would be able to completely get off of everything. My pain from the fibro is bad at times and I cope with it much better than I thought I could.

    God Bless You All and have a pain free week,
  2. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    please check website disabilitysecrets.com...

    it will help you give you tips on filing...i say file darn it all..

  3. Breel

    Breel New Member

    Thanks Jodie,

    I have tried Allsup, Inc. They specialize in SS Disability cases and if you don't win your case; you don't have to pay them a thing. I have been talking to them for years now; but they say"You must have documentation from a Doctor or Doctors saying what condition you are in."

    Unfortunately I asked the Doctors I used for the past four years and none of those would even talk about helping me. My rheumatologist refused to see me anymore and said she didn't see people with fibromyalgia anymore.

    I have arthiritis also, not like I have no reason to see a rheumatologist. I have no insurance now and just to get my meds for high blood pressure I will have to go and sit all day at our Texas Health Clinic in this area. I have to go and sit to just sign up.

    My primary care doctors I used since 2000 gave me antidepressant meds for years. I was on Celexa, Lexapro, and then Wellebutrin XL. I was on Ambien for two years, Trazadone(until my script ran out)Bextra, and many many muscle relaxers that just made me dizzy all the time. I was also on hydrocordone for years and it was the hardest to get off of. It was a low dose also.

    Thank you for your help. I would try anything to get help. I am not married and I am living in a rental apt and every month they want that rent of course. I only have two years until I can draw Social Security, but that is a wait in itself; meanwhile I can't even get part time work. No one will hire me and I don't mention my health conditions on the applications.

    Thanks again and God Bless,
  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    May I suggest you start thinking of getting financial assistance as your JOB. You need to work at it.

    Surely Texas has something like MediCal which is California's program to provide medical care to those who need it. Doesn't Texas have a federally supported Aid to the Disabled Program?

    I know it's hard when one is sick, but keep plugging away. You worked and paid taxes for many years. Now you should be ENTITLED to benefits.

    Is there anyone who can help you make phone calls, etc.?

    Good Luck!
  5. Breel

    Breel New Member

    Hi and thank you for your feedback. Yes, Texas has help for people with disability, but it is very hard to get any help here. Texas is not even close to the kind of aid that CA has. I was told this from people who have lived in CA for long years or just for a short stay.

    They always told me,"Man, you should be in CA; they let everyone have Food Stamps, Medicaid, Free Medicine, etc, etc. I wish even part of all that were true here.

    Unfortunately, you have to have minor children living in the home to get medicaid plus I had one woman tell me over the phone that I would have to have no arms or legs just about to be considered disabled. I haven't given up; but I was just told this morning that they are trying to say I lied about working and drawing unemployment. That is not true and I told the man I am not a thief, neither have I ever gotten anything for free; why would I expect to now?...at almost 60 yrs.

    I went for an interview and the Human Resources Manager paid me for 8 hours and I didn't even think I was getting paid; but yet they want to take my unemployment away from me just for that.

    So; here I am; not really able to work, but I am willing if and when the right job would come along. I would love to work from home; but most of those jobs are all scams. Does anyone know of a legitimate company working from home? I would appreciate any information.

    God Bless All,

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