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  1. niece

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    Y'all might have read it but I just wanted to share it with you today....

    It's in the Valley we Grow

    Sometimes life seems hard to bear,
    Full of sorrow, trouble and woe
    It's then we have to remember
    That it's in the valleys we grow.

    If we always stayed on the mountain top
    And never experienced pain,
    We would never appreciate God's love
    And would be living in vain.

    We have so much to learn
    And our growth is very slow,
    Sometimes we need the mountain tops,
    But it's in the valleys we grow.

    We do not always understand
    Why things happen as they do,
    But I am very sure of one thing.
    My Lord will see me through.

    The little valleys are nothing
    When we picture Christ on the cross
    He went through the valley of death;
    His victory was Satan's loss.

    Forgive me Lord, for complaining
    When I'm feeling so very low.
    Just give me a gentle reminder
    That it's in the valleys I grow.

    Continue to strengthen me, Lord
    And use my life each day
    To share your love with others
    And help them find their way.

    Thank you for the valleys, Lord
    For this one thing I know
    The mountain tops are glorious
    But it's in the valleys I grow!

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    Thanks for sharing
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  4. niece

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    so sorry that you are struggling with so much.....
    I to understand......
    I'm not at a good place in my life right now.....
    health troubles keep me housebound....
    the depression is better BUT I do have bouts of panic
    because I get to thinking about the future and I'm scared
    I worry that I have become a burden on DH because I have
    been disabled for 12 years and really worst the last 6....
    please know that I said a prayer for you tonight that things will smooth out for you and you can get in a better place
    take care
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    Are you looking to move? I must have missed that one! Oh my goodness that is a hard enough thing to go through for healthy people! I hope things work out for you, and you get help as well when it comes time to move. Praying for things to work for the best for you and your cats.
    Love, Cynthia
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    No, I never mentioned moving. But I actually live in a real valley surrounded by mountains. Here the rich build fabulous homes on the mountains (Johnny Carson used to have a home here on a mountain), looking down on those living in the valley. So here it is the reverse of the poem.

    Those who thrive, grow and don't struggle live on the mountains, and the others live in the valley. But also I'm in a part of my life where I am not growing, but I am surviving and that's the best I can do for me at this time.
  7. Doznclan3

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    yes, sometimes, that's all we can do..and I'm praying that you get through this part that is keeping you from what makes you happy. Or, to feel better in whatever way you need.
    Love, Cynthia