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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by sisland, May 23, 2007.

  1. sisland

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    That my youngest Girl ,,just finished Her 2nd year of college with a 4.0,,She's studying to be a Human Service worker,,,,,This is something i know i couldn't do,,,,,,,,But it makes you feel good when your kid can do it!,,,,,,,,,S
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  2. sisland

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    Hey we Raised some smart kids,,Eh' no easy feat this day and age,,Congrats to you and your girl too! You Know the Feeling of pride,,thats hard to exsplain to people!,,,,,,,,,Cruise Time! lolol I Wish!,,,,,S
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    Congratulations! It's such a great feeling to know our kids are excelling in life!

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    both of you. What is a human service worker? Is it like a social worker?

    What school? State U.?


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    All for the congrats! Yep she has always been a straight A student! And yes she works very hard at it! getting good grades also helps her get more scholarships! she's a cross country runner also,,,so they give her scholarships for that too!
    Rock,,,,,She goes to MSU. Montana State university in Billings Montana,,,and yes Social work is the main Heading of what she's studying! I will pass all the good wishes her way,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Sis
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    Congrats to your daughter,you must be so chuffed.Was also going to ask what is a Human Service worker.Did think it was along the same lines as Social work but seeing as you've answered Rock it seems I was on the right track as well.Very worthwhile & rewarding career.
    Another great pic of the Glacier Park in your profile.
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    good for her, its nice to see your kids get on well.

    SO happy for you.

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    Thanks again!
    You Know i was very surprised That she chose that Field to go into,,,Because when she was little she always told me she wanted to be an Astronaut,,,lolol ,,,I'm Very proud of Her and all the other kids that do the same!

    Paul: That is Grinnell Glacier and it's lake! way up there in the park!,,,,S
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    I didn't Know that was your field ! Nice! How do you like it? Daughter Kym seems to really like it! She has been doing an Internship on a Boys Ranch called new day for about 7 months now! And really likes it!,,,,

    ,The Boys have a very regimented schedule and get more privlidges as their Behavior allows!,,,,,,They put her in the avctivity department,,,,,,,Driving a 18 passenger Van for their outings ,,,etc,,

    She loves doin that!lol She drives them to them to church and dairy Queen and Native american cerimonies Etc,,,,,,,2 of the boys got transfered latley Because they were well enough along in the program to get into foster homes and or live with other Family members!,,,,,

    ,I Get To talk to her on the phone alot,,,,it's a 7 hour drive to the college,,,so i'm very limited ,,,,,,,,,,Didn't mean to Ramble on,,,,,lolol ,,,,,,Sis
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    Thanks I'll tell her! It's so nice To have kids Excell as you well Know!Congrats to your Daughter! She must be Happy!

    The most i ever made in my 22 years of work was 10$ an hour,,,,I Feel the same way you do ! I want them to have a life i never had!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Sis