Just wanting some opinions about different job types best for CFS

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    I am currently working in a town about 30 min. away and am working a 6 hr.per day job, working straight through. This is down from 9 hrs. which I will have to go back to soon. My Dr. put me on 6 hrs., as a compromise to total medical leave. I doubt my boss will go for the shortened day much longer. I haven't been there long enough to have any legal grounds to work less hrs(Only 6 mo), so I'll have no choice but to go back to a 9 hr. day. Plus another hr. driving time. It is a desk job, and not physically demanding, but very, very stressful. My boss is difficult, and says she would rather I be there for 6 hrs than not at all, then promptly adds more duties to my job. I do like the work. I have a possible opportunity for a different job that would be in the same town I live in, a little less stressful but more physically demanding. On my feet and moving around, but not a lot of heavy lifting etc. Which is worse on CFS mental stress or physical activity? CFS started a few months before my current job, but it is much worse since I started it.
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    to see what kinds of replies people come up with. I am interested, also. I have a very physically active job, which somedays feels like it's going to kill me. But my doctor said this is better than being inactive all day.
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    Hi Lendi. I am working part-time now. I work 4 hours a day - 20 hours a week. But I can work longer hours if I want to. I am a legal secretary. That means I sit at a desk most of the time. I get up to go to the printer and the copier. I would much rather have that than a more physical job. Oh, let me say that I have primarily FMS, but I think I have some chronic fatigue too. Before I was diagnosed with FMS I had a part-time job as a file clerk. I mainly stood for the 4 hours a day that I worked. I had to file papers in drawers, sometimes having to stand on a stool to reach the higher drawers. I ended up with horrible back pain. I'd much rather sit and type than be on my feet. I hope this helps!

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    I currently am working as a Full-Time Business Manager, and work 40 + hours standing and lifting 8 hours a day sometimes with out a break. It really depends on how I feel. There are days that I feel horrible but I make myself work. It keeps my mind busy and I was told by my doctor that it is the best.
    I am still really young and want to work as long as I possibly can! :)
    Hugs to all

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    I am 46 years old working in Child care(it is all I have ever done) part-time about 30 hours a week. I just can't do it any longer! It is not only a very physical job it is very stressful(I work with 3 & 4 year olds)I have 15 children in my class. But I NEED to work and I love children, but there is nothing else I know how to do! I wouldlove to have a job to where I don't have to be on my feet all day and very little stress. I don't need to make alot of money just enough to buy groceries and have alittle extra spending money. Any ideas??????
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    I too, was diagnosed with fibromyalgia three years ago. I thought I would be able to hold down a job, but it didn't work out that way. There was no way I would be able to go to my scheduled doctor appointments or care for my kids when I was working 10 hours a day. My Godsend was a woman called "Mary Kay". A friend of mine has worked for them for a couple years and does very well...I decided I'd give it a try. I loved the idea of working my own hours ( helpful when my fibro flares up whenever it feels like it) and the income potential is unlimited. I was so depressed feeling like I had let my family down and couldn't contribute financially like I used to and then this opportunity fell in my lap. I truly believe it was a gift from above. I started my business about a month ago and I absolutely love it. Not only do I have a huge network of women to work with and talk too, but I'm really making good money. I worked in cosmetics and sales in the past, and didn't want to do the whole door to door thing..Mary Kay has changed so much. I really think it was made for those women suffering from FMS. I wouldn't write to any of you if I didn't truly believe that this is what we've all been waiting for. Working from home, working your own hours, making as much money as you can only imagine, and being embraced by a network of women who really care about YOU! It's like another family. I am so happy. If you would like to talk to someone about an opportunity selling Mary Kay let me know and I can get local director to talk with you about this wonderful opportunity. Make the call...you really won't regret it.

    from one fibromite to another.....HUGS

    Brook Hanson
    Independent Beauty Consultant
    (541) 815-6734 cell
    or( 541) 433-2870

    You can even call if you just need to talk to someone!
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    I also have a home based business, however I believe it violates the message board rules to post the name of the company or give out info for you to contact me about it.

    My suggestion is, if this interests you you should do a google search for direct sales. You will get DSA, which is the Direct Sales Association. Members of this group are ethical and, even though many are multi-level marketing, they offer good oppportunites for women who are looking for good income from part-time work.

    There are companies that sell a variety of things, not just cosmetics. I sell clothing and I know there are scrapbooking opportunites as well as many others. Many of these companies are known for their commitment to women, not just financially , but in overall personal growth, among other things.

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