Just when I thnk that my husband does not have a clue

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    He totally surprise's me. I was just sitting here at home and feeling not so great about how I feel. I have been so tired and sleepy for days now, and the stress I have been under is far more than I want to cope with.

    My husband came up stairs and handed me a thin book. And said I saw this in the DI and thought of you. This is the title of the book I got. "YOUR BIRTHDAY BEBRUARY 18"
    That is my birth day. I asked what is this for it is not my birthday it was just our wedding anniversary on Sept 6th 26 years we have been married. So why are you giving me a book about my birthday, I thought you would like it and find it interesting.

    One of the first quotes I saw was this one.

    "If February give you much snow
    A fine Summer it doth foreshow"

    I was reading about my "My Zodiac sign" come from the Greek and roughly translated , means " circle of animals" I know taht I as a Aquarius and not much goes not to tell me that Aquarians are the visinaries of the zodiac, origial, deeply inventive and forward-looking.

    We are interested in tthe problems of the past but we live totally inthe future. It is said that wah the Aquairan things to day , the rest of the world will think of it in 50 years.
    It is this trairt that connectw other aquarian tendencies: Humanitqrain concens about social problems. We have utopain thinging and the hallmark 'Awuarin inventivenews .

    Aquarius the sign of a genius and a talent for proplem slloving. WE are talented and enjoy doing things that we have have thought of.

    I don't kn ow just how true this is about me but I do think about living in the future and I am thoughtful of the past. I am sad that as a people we ruined so many different races and took their way of life away from them becasue we thought that we knew more than they did and we didn't.

    I enjoy painting and watching this told painting sstart to look like something that will be really pretty and with in a few days it is so beauitful .

    What a shock this was to me. I had no clue that he was looking for things for me when he goes out on these spree's of picking up stuff and being a pack rat. But this book made me feel just how much he really does care about me.
    I know that he will most likely not ever come to the understanding about my pain and fatique. I want him to understand it so much but for now I will take a simple book that tells me about my day of birth.

    It was so kind and thoughtful of him to do. I am so touched by this and so happy. I know that we have days were we don't speak to each other and then when we do we tend to bite each others heads off. So to have him give me this gift that is just about me was the sweetestthing he has done in a long time.

    I am so touched by this and the thoughtfullness that has gone in to it.

    It has helped me to underatnd that while he does not always understand how I feel about my self and how my body feels but I see that he is really trying to be theri to support me and to just love me.


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