Just wondering if people have this problem in their towns

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    I was viewing the posts and had something in my mind that I was wondering if other people have this problem in their neighborhood. I live in a small rural town in Missouri and in the past year so many people have been sick with problems simular to CFS and FM.There has been at least 8 people come down with cancer in the last 2 years. Our problem here is the growing number of meth labs. This problem has gone out of the control here. There is a child that has been missing for a yr+ now and when they searched the woods they found 13 labs. Could you imagine how many toxins that is putting in the air? I don't know if this can contribute to my problems but was just wondering if other people have this problem. My Mom is one who had came down with the cancer and died and I look back and all of her symptoms before she had cancer was like mine. Increase palpitations,tired,stomach problems,muscle pain, muscle cramps.Sometimes I wonder if our bodies is so full of toxins that our bodies are tryind to detoxify itself.
    thanks brneyedgrl
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    That our polluted environment is a contributing factor to our illnesses and others. Children are being diagnosed with FMS and CFIDS at younger and younger ages. We have a school here which is full of mold and making the children and adults there sick. Their symptoms are similar to ours.

    We had Red Tide outbrakes in the Gulf all summer which made a lot of people sick and killed thousands of fish.

    Our waterways are polluted with the runoff from agricultural applications and lawn pesticides and fertilizers.

    There have been pockets of illness such as you described in areas of industrial pollution.

    All this at a time when our govt. is allowing industry to pollute more. All the painfully slow strides being made to clean up our environment are going down the toilet in the name of big business. I believe our nation is sick and getting sicker and we had better clean up our act and find out exactly what can be done about it.

    This is a worldwide problem and the U.S. used to lead the way in trying to find solutions. Now, we refused to sign the latest accord for cleaning up the environment and have yet to put something out there in its place to try to achieve a better environment for the world.

    Someone once referred to those of us with these illnesses as being like the canaries in the mines. At least in the mines, if the canary dropped, the miners took heed. We are getting sicker, there are more and more of us with these illnesses, and we are getting sick at earlier ages than in the past.

    Every time we go to war, our vets come home with illnesses very much like ours. Our govt. then refuses to acknowledge a connection and immediately goes into coverup mode leaving the vets hanging out to dry.

    I do not believe our environment, contaminated vaccines given to soldiers, nor infections are the "cause" of our illnesses. I still believe one has to be genetically predisposed to them; however, I do believe that all these things can trigger illness in predisposed individuals.

    Love, Mikie
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    Some years ago I was going to adult school, and everyday while I was there I would cough constantly. Then I got Carpal Tunnel pain and numbness and had to quit. That's when I noticed that the coughing had stopped. Something in that school, maybe mold?, was responsible for the coughing.

    Now I have to get allergy shots for everything, including mold. When my allergy shots start wearing off, I start coughing, sneezing, get a runny nose, and burning itchy eyes.
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    When I found out that I had fibro my mother in law was shocked. She said wow, i know a lot of people here in town that have that same thing. So, maybe it is just a flook or it is something. I think mine was brought on from too much stress of work comp and not proper treatment from the injury though, and being a go and do it all person all my life. Very interesting though.
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    Researchers have noticed for years that MS is much more prevalent in certain geographic areas, but they do not know why.

    CFIDS is infamous for cluster outbreaks. It was the outbreak in Incline Village, NV which started Dr. Cheney and his partner, Dr. Peterson, on their lifelong study of CFIDS. They have also treated patients and been advocates for more funding for research.

    There was one in the 50's in Punta Gorda just 30 miles up the coast from where I live.

    Love, Mikie
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    This is a very interesting post. I am the only one in my neighborhood with FM that I know of. HOWEVER, there have been a whole bunch of us with breast cancer, myself included. And we seem to have more than our share of autistic spectrum disorders and learning disabilities here. It seems every single house mine included has a child in special education.

    These are all neurological based illnesses and I'll bet there is something to the geography of it.